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Low Phosphate Hi(ish) Nitrate


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Measuring parameters today. My phosphate is basically at zero on a Hanna URL meter and nitrate is at 12. How can I lower nitrate without impacting phosphate?  I have some hair algae, so I know there is nutrients in the tank. 

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You can increase your phosphates by turning your skimmer off for a few hours a day.  Mine was too effective, so I started turning it off for two hours in the AM and 2-3 hours in the PM.  I coordinated this when I dose amino acids, coral foods, or other treatments that want the skimmer off, so it was a win-win and a little more maintenance free.

If you want to adjust the Carbon, Nitrate, Phosphate levels without waiting for cycles or adding more food, ATI makes solutions for each.   I've been trying it out the last year to make a few tweaks when things appear out of my accepted levels.  It seems subtle and has not been a negative on the tank so far.  I've mostly only dosed the Carbon and Nitrate, but you can dose Phosphate if all else fails.  https://www.marinedepot.com/ati-nutrition-p-phosphorus-500-ml



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