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Coral banded shrimp problems?


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So I've had this shrimp for months in a 90 gal.  I feed tank well.  I recently posted that he ate one of my cardinal fish.  Well today I woke up and found him feasting on my cinnamon clown.  Is this common for this shrimp?  I'm thinking now he will spend the rest of his life in sump :(. I really like this animal. Any advice?

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1 hour ago, Saltfishlover said:

Have u seen your ever try?  Today it almost looked like he was stalking my flame angel.  Lol.  

No. They will push the fish away from the territory it staked, but they are far too slow to catch a healthy fish. Its possible at night, but I'd be surprised if he caught and ate a healthy fish. 

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