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Sad story


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As you might know I breed clown fish with a nice success rate. I rarely have deaths after the first few days of life. When something like this happens I am very sad. 

I have many tanks for the size of clown fish and the stages of their lives.  One of my tanks are 1-2 month clowns. One of these clowns ended up in my 6-12 month tank. I'm not sure how but there is a significant size difference needless to say.  I have about 100 clowns in each 10 gallon tank so I didn't notice at first. (I know you are thinking that is too many clowns but the tank gets huge water changes twice a week and has super filters on each one. Also if you don't crowd they like to fight till death. So this is how best to do it).  Long story short my little clown that some how switched tanks, my guess through a water change. I do them all at once. Thinking he road on the net I get debri out of the tank with. Well the bigger clowns picked on him. Most likely thinking he was live food at his small size. poor guy caught cotton mouth. I pulled him to qt, and treated with medication. For a while he was doing better but in the end I lost the poor guy. 

I tried so hard to save him. I felt so bad he even made it to the larger adult tank from his safe home below. I know I have hundreds maybe even a thousand clowns now so I know its not a big deal in the bigger picture, but a life is a life. My husband says if you think about it in nature a clown lays about 500 eggs every 14 days aprox. and maybe one of those babies in each batch will survive so what I am doing is amazing. But it was so sad looking at my poor sick fishes eyes. I know that he had less of a chance to survey any infection than an adult because antibiotics are harder on a baby and they have less of a immune system but still sad

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