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Adorable Baby clowns for sale


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Hi everyone. 

I have a large group of clowns that I am selling.  These clowns are full of personality and fun to watch. 

Some (about 35) are ready now - at least 1.25 in and growing by the day - and more (about another 40-50) will be ready in probably another few weeks.  Buy a few or the whole batch for a fun harem tank.  

Regular - $10   

Snowflake and extreme snowflake - $25

* Discounts for larger orders

Pics/videos below.  The parents (below video) are Premium Black Snowflake and Dark Orange.  Lots of different markings on the youngsters as you can see.  Some markings are not fully developed.  Many of the extreme snowflake are developing "bullet holes" and one dark orange may be turning black.

Live in Lynnwood, WA - I do not ship but will travel a "reasonable distance" to deliver or meet part way.  







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Hi - we do not have any left at this time - sold the last ones about a month ago.  It was our first clutch that made it all the way through.  Most went to a few LFS to sell although our first option is to always try to sell to individuals.  The feedback from all the LFS we went to was they looked great, good color, healthy and sold fast. They want more when we get them.  I mention that just to give you an idea of the quality of the fish.  

Our mama and papa are regular producers and we will be starting another clutch towards the end of this month or early Feb.  Those would be ready about 4 months later.  We will probably become more regular now that we have the kinks of raising them worked out and a regular distribution channel established.

As far as travelling, it would depend on where and how many you were wanting.  Being in Lynnwood, travelling to Troutdale for a couple fish would not be something we would do.  If you were thinking more of a clown harem tank, we could probably work out a meeting point - or maybe there are others from your area that would be interested as well.

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