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  1. Hi - we do not have any left at this time - sold the last ones about a month ago. It was our first clutch that made it all the way through. Most went to a few LFS to sell although our first option is to always try to sell to individuals. The feedback from all the LFS we went to was they looked great, good color, healthy and sold fast. They want more when we get them. I mention that just to give you an idea of the quality of the fish. Our mama and papa are regular producers and we will be starting another clutch towards the end of this month or early Feb. Those would be ready about
  2. Hi all Just recently found this forum. Lots of good info here. My wife and I live up north of Seattle in Lynnwood. She is really the hobbyist in the family. After years of wanting to get going in saltwater she finally took the plunge. Now after 3 years we have several tanks set up - this hobby has a way of growing faster than Asterina starfish! We have a 90 gal reef tank with several fish and corals, a smaller 50 gal reef tank with fish and corals and a nano tank that currently is inhabited by a school of baby clowns - most of which are on their way to a local fish store this weeken
  3. Hi everyone. I have a large group of clowns that I am selling. These clowns are full of personality and fun to watch. 20201101_124158_32773861940725.mp4 20201104_073404_71306051972901 (1).mp4 20201104_073404_71306051972901 (1).mp4 Some (about 35) are ready now - at least 1.25 in and growing by the day - and more (about another 40-50) will be ready in probably another few weeks. Buy a few or the whole batch for a fun harem tank. Regular - $10 Snowflake and extreme snowflake - $25 * Discounts for larger orders Pics/videos below. The parents (below
  4. Are the tank and sump sold? Is the stand included? Thanks
  5. Hi I am interested in talking to you about your setup and the other things you may have. Thanks
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