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Oh no! Red bugs!


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Go talk to a vet and see if they will give you some intercepter. (Medicine for dogs) If that doesn't work it can be found online.


I know Ryan at Advanced Aquarium use to sell it so you might want to try some of the LFS, but I don't know how well that will work.


Someone might even have some to sell.


But I can not remember the dosing amounts. But you take out carbon and turn off skimmer, put in the intercepter and let it stay in the tank for 24 hrs. Then do a real good water change and add carbon and turn skimmer back on.


Some say that one large does will work and other will tell you 3 smaller doses is best. Personal choice based on your comfort level.


You might/will lose hermits, shrimps, and other inverts. I lost some but not all.



HTH some.

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yes, I would recommend treating in QT, if you do be prepared to do it for sometime, I tried a week and they just get reinfected, I ultimately ended up treating my main display with hermits , shrimp and crabs in. All lived and did fine.

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As a side note it whiped out my pod population, I just had to get the pods reseeded and I was fine. If you need some Interceptor let me know, the alternative is TMPCC dip, you should be dipping everything with TMPCC as it comes in if you dont QT... just a tip.

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How much for the interceptor?


And how would I best rig up the QT?

I'm worried about water quality and lights.


It would be a 10G tank and I don't really have an appropriate light for that to keep acros alive.

The 250w MH pendant (for the 60G cube that's not quite set up) would be overkill, and pc lighting wouldn't be good enough.

Any ideas?

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I'm worried about water quality and lights.


pc lighting wouldn't be good enough.


I may not be enough for LONG TERM growth, but would it be enough for short term SURVIVAL???


If the corals can survive, then they can recover. They may brown out and look bad, but if they live, there is hope.


The other thought, is PC enough to have them last until you can get something better?



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Problem is, I can't get anything better.

My fish account is tapped out. In fact, I owe my husband already. He loaned my some of his allowance! ;)

Money is tight around here.


But I've read that I can treat fro 6 hours in a bucket with a power head, and then return the corals to the main tank after a rinse.

So I'll probably do it this way, unless someone tells me there is a natural predator around that's worth trying.

Nothing that "only" eats red bugs and nothing else, though.

I read someone tried clown gobies...

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Killed all my snails, hermits, and pods. I got a terrible cyano problem afterward that took about 6 months to beat, finally using chemiclean.


And after all the hassle and deaths, i got the redbugs again 2 months later even though i didn't add anything additional to the tank.


You can see how much more effective TMPCC is on the redbugs. A 10min dip kills all of them on the coral.


With interceptor you will be treating for 6-8 hours, and even then you run a risk of some living as I experienced.

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What's TMPCC stand for again?


In all my reading I've only come across Interceptor mentioned for the RB.

I'm not going to treat the whole tank, but use the interceptor in a 10G quarantine.

But I'm also looking for something to dip any future corals before adding them to the tank.

Something to kill RB, and the dreaded type of flatworm (can't think of their name right now).

Would TMPPC take care of that?

And where could I get some? :)

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I think if it was just iodine that the 5-10X concentration dips of Lugol's i tried would have worked. It didn't, in fact i don't think that killed a single redbug.


I don't know exactly what is in the TMPCC. I can't find the ingredients anywhere. But I can say without doubt that iodine is not the only ingredient.

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Intercepter doesnt kill snails, how much did you dose? Intercepter will ONLY harm crustaceans (sp?).


Let me know if you need anything, I have intercepter, a different coral dip, as well as TMPCC on the way.


Tell that to my snails (laugh) I dosed a quarter of the pill for large dogs.


BTW, my cleaner shrimp made it through the interceptor treatment fine. Go figure.

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