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Free Fish *Updated*


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**UPDATE - all fish are spoken for at this time! Thanks everyone!**

Hello all!

Sadly I need to put my tank into storage for 4-6 months while I am waiting for our new house to be built. So I am looking to re home all of my fish, some have already found new homes but a few left. I don't have pictures of them but they are all great looking examples of their species. And I can probably take some pictures and send them if needed.


Here is what I have left:

1 Male Blue Jaw Trigger fish - 4in - he has been a great reef resident for 3 years *HOLD*

1 Purple Tang - 4in - Also been a great reef resident for 3 years*HOLD*

1 (mated)pair Black Snowflake Clowns - Only as a pair. Lay eggs regularly in my reef*HOLD*

1 Foxface - 4in - Great resident in my reef tank*HOLD*

1 Male Melanurus Wrasse - 3in - Has done great in my reef*HOLD*

**UPDATE - all fish are spoken for at this time! Thanks everyone!**

(Sizes are approximate)


All free to good homes! 


I will be listing the inverts I have left here in a few days.


Thank you!

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