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Clowning around.


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Myths about clowns. (You can only have 2) . Truth: If you have eight or more clowns in the tank they will get along. But you can only have one male and one female so you have to do this when they're all juveniles.  So you can have a clown tank.

My clowns are nice and swim into my hands. They don't bite. They eat tdo reef nutrition.  They are parisite free since I've breed them.  Happy clowns.

these are a hybrid clown percularis. They look like orange saddle backs with a percula body.  Not ocellaris or percula. 








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Balls of Clowns are awesome.   I spied this tank full of clowns, all on top of an anemone at the end of MACNA 2018 in Las Vegas.   They had a airstone that would be turned on and off at times.   Its tough to upload a high quality video, so look I shrunk this one.  (Watch it in a small window, if you find it too grainy)  You get the idea.


clowns at Macna 2018 Las Vegas.jpg



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