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How do you store & track MP40 wet sides?


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Open question, How do you store & track your MP40 (or MP10/MP60) wet sides?


I've got 5 MP40's spinning in tanks now, and approximately 3 working spare wet sides, 3 retired/broken wet sides, and 1 new wet side in an unopened box. 

  • I'll admit, I've done a crappy job of storing them.  Just coupled to each other, through ~1/4" of cardboard between.
  • I'll admit, I've lost track which ones are newly opened spare from Dec'19, which ones came from 2018, and which ones i got from buying new.

Current thoughts on organizing them

  • a plastic box, with cell for each wet side
  • small layer of foam / bubble wrap at bottom, to reduce magnetism and impact from outside metal

Current thought on tracking

  • Dedicate each cell to each Specific wet side.   Even if it's in use (not there), or in storage (in the box)
  • Keep tracking note in each cell.  When bought/acquired, working condition (a few make slight noise), and if In use - WHERE in my tanks.  (eg: left MP40 in main tank)
  •  Downside... if I accidentally mix up the box, all individual wet side tracking is scrambled.
  • Another option, scratch an ID number into the plastic of the wetside itself.   Thoughts?


Q: How do YOU store and track your Wet Sides.  (for MP40's, or for any equivalent in tank wet side)

Q: What do you think of my thoughts?

Q: Anyone already figured out the a good plastic box that fits MP40's well.   

  • See picture of fit in a "Plano 23730-05 Prolatch Stowaway Deep with Adjustable Dividers"  (amazon it)   Not an ideal fit, would have to cut Horizontal dividers.








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I'd probably mark a number or a color on the bottom foam so it's hidden while the pump is in use, then just keep a journal of events/wetside#.   Mark a number in sharpie, white-out pen, nail polish...I'm sure something would work well. Hell, you could even cut a small notch on the bottom foam as an indicator...# of cut lines?  Storing coupled to each other with a piece of cardboard is a fine idea.  I kept the box/bubble wrap from my wet side and store my spare in that.

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