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Norwesco tanks


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Looking to buy 2 or 3 new Norwesco vertical tanks. I know I can go pick them up in Washougal from there distribution center but would like to support local if they can price match! Even if they can come close! 

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The only local place I know is Green Concepts in Gresham.  They have a large indoor/outdoor facility with every possible shape and size of storage container, new & used.  They only advertise on Craigslist.  I got my 75 gallon Norwesco tanks from them.

See https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/bfd/d/portland-water-storage-tank-super/7120217834.html

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I ordered from Norwesco and picked up from Washougal, which I understand you don't want to do.   But I had one learning to share.  

When ordering, there was an option to get them with bulk heads pre-installed (for a few extra $), or not.  And install the bulk heads myself.

I'm *SO* happy I got the bulk heads pre-installed.   Getting into my 75G tank to install them myself would have been a Major pain.    

If you have an option, buy tanks with Bulk Heads pre-installed.

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I contacted them and they won’t price match online pricing. If I order online I can get 3 for the price of 2. 

The online vendor is plastic-mart and they will install the bulkheads free of charge. They just want a week lead time in return.. when you went did you get charged a $35 will call fee? 

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Try calling Mather Pump Service in Vancouver............... 360 256 1320


I picked up one for my ATO a few years ago...........they may have the size you want or may not............... Green Concepts is ok but the guy is stuck on his prices............also hope you like the smell of cat pee...........

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