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pacific coast nano skimmer


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That Pacific Coast Nano Skimmer should be $59.99 or less.

WE hav'em for under $50. $44.99 with your PNWMAS card.

We've had'em for a while. They do look simple. Then again

so did the ealier units out of Eugene 15-20 years ago. They

too were simply 'dimpled' PVC. But many people paid out

big bucks for Top Fathom. In fact Steve at PCI carried them.

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We are currently building some nano tanks with built in filter using these skimmers. They will be 24" x 20" x 20".

I have one of these skimmers at home that works great. These little nano tanks are going to be sweet!!


That skimmer would be SLIGHTLY underkill on a 40g tank. I wouldn't use one on more than 20g.


Nano = 20g or less

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I have heard the break in period is excessive. thats why a used one intrigued me lol.


The break in period can be pretty long. I guess it depends on your bioload though. Once it gets going though it's very consistent. I never had to adjust mine after break in.

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