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WTB Bryopsis. (seriously)


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Hi all,

Anyone got bryopsis? 

I got some from zoa frags a while back, and bought some lettuce sea slugs to eradicate it. They did such a good job that I now worry they may starve. So I'm looking to grow some bryopsis as food... but the little buggers ate all mine.

So, anyone got a chunk you can sell? Thanks!

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Aww I wish this existed a while back on my old tank before I upgraded, I'd have paid you to borrow them!! Algae scrubber took care of it for me and my tanks have never been more spotless of algae since... I've heard of people loaning or renting these guys out tank to tank so they don't starve. Never had one though because I was worried they would run out of food, maybe you can find someone that has an issue with it in their tank. Hope you find someone soon...


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13 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

Woooooooooooooooooooooow Scott!  ☠️🤣💎👻

Hey Jack tries to sell me a frag every time I go in there :laugh:


It actually looks kind of neat looking. Not sure what form it is as there is many out there.

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