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Hey all! 

My name is Niki and i'm just here for research to hopefully get a tank started by next year. (need space first). 

I have been trolling a bit through the forum and have been getting more and more excited about starting a tank! I had betta's, guppies, comets, glass catfish, and blue rams when I was high school, and absolutely miss having a fish tank. 

Any and all information is appreciated and will be absorbed. :) I haven't ventured into marine tanks yet, but being much older now i'm ready for a good challenge! Shrimp and crap i have been told are a good starter for the new hobbyist in saltwater. 

I recently visited Paradise Coral and was just in AWE of the coral collection. BEAUTIFUL. As well as the fish. Gorgeous clown fish and tangs. 

Hoping to make it to Cuttlefish and Coral later today! (since it's after midnight when i'm posting this.) lol.

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Welcome to the forum Niki. Definitely full of advice and helpful people who I’m sure can get you headed in the right direction. Number one thing in my experience is patience - very few good things tend to happen fast in this hobby. That said, with some proper planning and and diligence it can be very rewarding.

Goid luck!

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On 11/21/2018 at 7:08 AM, Taylorhardy1 said:

Cnc is my favorite! Paradise has some top quality stock though for sure. As for advice-go as big as you possibly can. And buy good lights once.

 I visited CNC and loved it too! 

Thanks for the advice!!! Christmas is coming so i may be asking for some of the good items! 

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On 11/21/2018 at 8:43 AM, youcallmenny said:

Welcome to the forum!  Trolling is generally frowned on but lurking is fine! 😋  Always excited to see new members and new tanks.

Thank you for correcting my vocabulary!! I did mean lurking, not trolling. hahaha! i love seeing the pictures of everyone else tanks! 

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