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Palau banning sunscreen


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1 hour ago, CrabbyCrabs said:

Hawaii did it too for sunscreen with certain chemicals. I think it's a great idea. Why pollute the waters directly around the reefs. Just like the Cruise ship that dumped thousands of gallons of waste water on the great barrier reef.

Yes many places are switching to safer options for sunscreen.  They did in Australia too.That’s a good thing. What cruise ship did that ? I finally made it to the Barrier Reef. I wish I had my diving certificate. The snorkeling was the best I have done.

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Good all countries should ban it to protect the reefs. My GF got me into using zinc based sunscreens awhile back. Someone on R2R had a day by day picture of his coral depleting after puting arms in tank after golfing and having sunscreen on his arms. 

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