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Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting


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So I've never bought lighting before, I've always just made it myself but I'd like to try something different. Id like to stay with all led, maybe with some added t5 if someone convinces me lol. I wouldn't need a ton of features, just timing and adjustment of color and intensity. Also more budget friendly but not cheap, if that makes sense at all. I would be having both sps and clams at the bottom of the tank as well. The tanks dimensions are 6'x24.5"x24. Any input would be super helpful plus if anyone has any lighting for sale, I'd be interested in that as Well. Thanks!

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On my 6x2 footprint build that I've been working on I've got 3 radion xr30g4 pros, and I'm gonna supplement with 6 t5s on a controller. Definitely a less than budget friendly option, but in my experience nothing compares to radion/t5 hybrid. I did look into sb reef lights pretty heavily. They're producing some crazy results, and they're cheap. 

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