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So a friend sent me A picture of her reef aquarium. Two weeks ago it was perfect. A few days ago these she said showed up. And hair algae. Same time. She has water changes every two weeks. Reef Chrystal salt and ro water. Ro machine has new filters. 

I can’t tell in picture what they might be. Can you? They are covering the tank. 72 gallon. With sump, skimmer, etc. tank pars as I know of as of yesterday. 77 degrees, kh7, ca500, not sure about rest of her tests. She didn’t say in pic.  As of late August she did get new leds. My guess if it takes over the tank that fast not good, but I don’t know what they are.  I know the hair algae of course. 262A0FB2-8A29-41F3-B524-0B5A34D8FEA9.mov



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7 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

Picture is a little fuzzy but looks like majano's. 

Hmm... having lost a tank to majano's before, mine did not look like that and they also didn't expand that fast.  True, a bit tricky to tell from the photo but I would lean toward them being something else.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what.

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Are they stationary, are they soft to the touch? If they are tunicates they may very well fade away when the nutrient loads come down from fighting off the hair algae. At some point the tank will only be able to support so many and it should stabilize once the tank does. Is this a newer system? They are almost  all suspension feeders with the smaller varieties being able to feed off of things as small as bacteria.

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No the tank is 5 years at least. Though about two weeks ago she switched to leds from  t5s. Thats when she started witb hair algae and these. And also adding started adding fish back into her tank 4 weeks ago. . She's been without fish  for over 9 months I think. She had a parasite and we had removed everything for treatment and to make sure it was dead. 

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