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Tank (Large) on "Silent Floor" Joists


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The new house has Silent Floor joists (TJI Pro 150) https://www.techsupport.weyerhaeuser.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/200535130/TJI_Pro_150__250._350__550_-_February_1999.pdf

I remember the old commercial had an elephant walking on them, and they appear to be rated high, but they look VERY flimsy! 

any engineers out there that can tell me how much the will hold?

my 300 is a 2x8 footprint would run perpendicular with 4 joists under it

my 120 is a 2x4 footprint on an exterior wall



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I agree with xmas one. Not an engineer but worked construction for a decade. It would be simple and cheap to add supports under the joists (assuming this is on the ground floor). Simplest way would be in the form of concrete piers and 4x posts. Or as he said jacks. shouldn't take more than an afternoon and would give peace of  mind at the very least. 

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