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Here goes nothing


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  I work for the original top fathom owner from like 25 years ago before he sold his business.  

He gave me a while ago before my move a original top fathom skimmer. Not like the ones they make now. But an original.

  I've been cleaning up my garage and final found the collection cup. So here goes nothing.  Tomorrow I buy pcv pipe and set it up externally. For the last 2 years my 120 display was running strictly on rocks in my  55 sump for filtration. Its about time.

The pump it will be running will be a ocean runner ot2500. Also the older model.  Wish me luck.. i honest to god never ran one externally before. Im just not willing to get rid of live rock to put it in my sump. That and if i moved rock ontop of itself id have to fill my sump more. And i like the idea if electric goes out my house doesn't flood. That sump can take the water. 

Fingered crossed. I've seen them running before. I know they have to be adjusted just right, but when they are they are the best.. 

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