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I hate photobucket!


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1 hour ago, Exodus said:

I have always used imgur, i just upload a ton of pics and use the direct links, if its something for a forum you will forget about and just a 1 shot without needing user account there is tinypic as well


Google drive will also do it now too.

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You know I have been seeing allot on this topic lately and it got me thinking. I can't imagine photobucket ever made "that" much revenue. Providing a service where there are more individuals opting for the free aspect compared to those willing to pay with the costs of hosting, bandwidth etc. leaves little room for much revenue. I suspect the CEO understood this better than anyone and looking for an option to Sell out, he intentionally held everyone's photos for ransom, bombarding them with ads, squeezing them for every last cent possible, hoping some will pay that ransom with the inevitable expectations of shutting the site down and walking off with whatever cash he can get. I find it ironic to see people blasting photobucket and threatening to or admitting to canceling their "free" service as if they cared, all the while intentionally planing for the services demise. Though those are just my personal views, don't be surprised if photobucket cancels the service in the coming months and then offers a smaller amount to obtain your photos, before pulling the plug.

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On 8/1/2017 at 7:51 AM, stylaster said:

So what do you guys recommend for a photobucket replacement that will allow me to create image tags so i can post pics on here?

We support direct upload now (to amazon s3) like the other big boards.  No need to upload photos anywhere but directly in your post.  However, if you do, I still use imgr allot myself and even tapatalk.


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I was wondering why I kept seeing the photobucket message that the user needs to upgrade their account and looked into it a few days ago.  Hell 3rd party linking is the only reason I ever used photobucket. 

Alternatively if you are a google drive user there is a way to set security on a share such that it is public and you can link to that from 3rd party locations.   As someone already stated you can post directly although 19mb isn't good for more than ~5 photos at today's resolutions.


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