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Interested in this Community's Ideas

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Hey folks,


I've been chewing on an idea for a while and am interested in your thoughts. I"m considering starting a series of workshops here on the coast to benefit a wide range of people from beginners to advanced hobbyists to professionals and all stages in-between. These would be one-day workshops conducted by professionals with a mixture of lectures and hands-on labs but may also include two-day workshops and guest speakers. Examples of these workshops might include:

  • Fundamentals of Fish Health
  • Basic Principles of Life Support Design
  • Aquascaping to Create Stunning Displays
  • Common Fish Diseases and Parasites
  • Proactive Life Support Maintenance to Prevent Failures

These might not be the snappiest titles but you get the idea.

My questions for you guys are:

  • What workshops would you like to see on this list?
  • What workshops would help you be better hobbyists with healthier systems and animals?
  • If you're a fish and coral retailer, what workshops would benefit your employees and your operation?
  • If you're a professional aquarium maintenance technician, would you be interested in a professional certification program?

You input is welcome and encouraged, as experienced, informed and engaged hobbyists would def be one of the target audiences for these workshops. There would be a charge for each workshop to cover costs and benefit our programs but I would make sure the perceived value was very satisfactory every time.


Thanks for your ideas and opinions!







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This is great, Sid.

I would most interested in the fish health/disease topics, but I think all of these are good ideas.

I think a water chemistry workshop, testing, and discussion of different methods of supplementation would also be useful for many coral keepers.


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I like all of those topics thanks for posting this. I agree with Andy about testing. I remember on one tour, you had mentioned that one of the students did a study on the accuracy of all the test kits.

Maybe speaking on how to accurately measure and tips and to get the most reliable and reproducible results.

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Thus far, I'm getting some really good ideas that have sparked other ideas to involve other aspects of the industry, including manufacturers, researchers and professionals from public aquaria across the country. Thanks for the input and keep the ideas coming! :puffer:

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In time, access to recorded workshops could be part of the program but the focus would be getting interested people together with professional aquarists for lectures and hands-on labs. And, of course, a beverage or two and perhaps a bite later at the Rogue for thirsty, hardworking students and instructors.  I could see that kind of after-workshop event happening fairly often, as this fish and coral stuff is thirsty work!

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Are you thinking like weekend long events, or rather a series of weekly, monthly workshops?  I would totally love to do a weekend think.  It would be a good excuse for a trip to the coast (like I really need a reason).

Just tossing it out there, but have a weekend long workshop, instead of calling it a Bootcamp, call it a FinCamp...

Ok, I will stop offering my suggestions.

Oh, Oh - FlipperCamp...that's better...

(Although I joke about it I think this is an awesome idea.)

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