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Flashy Fins

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Looks like I have cooties. The larger flatworms appear to be red planaria, which I've eradicated in other tanks before and am not worried about. Flatworm Exit is the shizz, assuming you QT and catch stuff before it hits the display. I can get rid of those, no prob. 

I'm just not sure about that tiny red thing circled in yellow. Is it a baby of the same, or something else?

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32 minutes ago, fishmanmike01 said:

That's where the six line would have came in ?

Well, they do eat them, but no fish are allowed in my coral QT, so it wouldn't help me. I go to great lengths to make sure no ich enters my display, and keeping fish out of the coral QT is a must. Corals and inverts stay in there long enough for any encysted ich tomants to burst, swim around looking for fish to infect, not find any, and DIE. :flamemad:

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1 hour ago, fishmanmike01 said:

Do you have a separate fish Qt? You have way more patience than I young grasshopper. 

Yes, fish get QT'ed separately. When I get a new fish, I do tank transfer method* on it, which eliminates any possible ich, seen or unseen. After that, the fish is put into a cycled QT tank for another few weeks to watch for other problems. In my early days, I was spotty with QT and made exceptions all over the place, and I lost all my fish to disease outbreaks (yes, plural). So, now I am stringent and won't let even a snail pass the gate. Ich can be managed in some systems, but my tank is small and ideal for a parasite explosion, so I just don't let them in.

* R2R has good info on tank transfer method, but no sense in detailing it for most people, who have other ways of doing things. 

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