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Leptoseris frags for sale or rent


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Edited for repost, 3/17:

Hi everybody! I've got a whole bunch more of these fully encrusted Jason Fox Jack-o-lantern Leptoseris frags for sale or trade. I've lowered the price to $40 because I have so many.

These corals are beautiful & pretty much bulletproof. I love them. I'll be gone this weekend, so pickup will have to be tomorrow before 2:30 pm or by appointment any time next week. They are currently in the frag rack in the left side of the 130 behind the bar & in the back 150 gallon tank at Moloko in case you happen to come through for a drink & want to take a look.

For trades I am looking for bright Bubbletip anemones of any colors that I don't have. (I have "rainbow" rose anemones with a pale green oral disc. I am also looking for a happy, healthy rabbitfish. Let me know what else you've got.


I will not ship.


Jack-o-lantern $408268df048da1d204aa0a8e6778c3480a.jpg



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More frags available, reposting
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