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New tank build: Here we go now.


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Lunch time. First we start with garden fresh tomatoes and salt, simmer down for hours until excess water is gone. Then press through a sieve then add it back to the pan, add a couple cloves of garlic. Simmer until thick and rich. Add 2 ghost, 2 habanero, 2 jalapeno the 2 serronto peppers. I had cut the tomato base in half but had to add it back in due to the fact I couldn't breathe after an attempt to smell the fruits of my labor. There is something to be said about your lungs being filled with capsaicin, nothing good to be said but something nonetheless. So extra tomato sauce and a couple extra cans of beans and we arrive at a very very spicy but manageably edible with surprisingly good flavor, maybe because of the elk burger with no added fat was the meat of choice. I had to put some cream cheese into a friend of mines bowl. Since he isnt on this forum I will say that was a weak move on his behalf.post-15577-0-00879600-1475609196_thumb.jpgpost-15577-0-91436200-1475609174_thumb.jpgpost-15577-0-17380700-1475609153_thumb.jpg

I did forget to mention the other spices I put in the chilli but those are the ones I would have to drown you in your own tank if you found out about them.post-15577-0-85796300-1475609521_thumb.jpg

Pretty standard corn bread except we add honey in the batter so it does get a little gooey

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