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Grants Pass reefer new to hobby. Anyone in southern Oregon?


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Hi, I'm new to the community but I've loved reef tanks my whole life. My parents brought home a blue tang 25 years ago (it's still alive) and I've been hooked ever since. Looking for more people in the area to share ideas and frags with. I have a 5 gallon nano reef with mostly lps and just purchased a 72 gallon bow front that I plan to have a mixed reef in, and hopefully a giant anemone.

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Welcome to the group! I'm down in Salem and there are a few people in Eugene. Matteo is the only guy I know of down in your area and he's in Ashland.

Let's see some pictures of your tank! :)



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Welcome! Wow a blue tang for 25 years that is still alive!! That's impressive. Would love to see a picture of that. I don't know many people in your area now but there are quite a few people in the Eigene area. Also Totally Exotic Corals of Oregon is there. He used to be a sponsor on here. His name is Jody and he still does maintenance in that area.

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I actually just set up a meeting with him for this Thursday. He's ordering me a Scopas Tang and a Yellow Tang. I know they're not anything special, but I really like the way a couple of tangs look in a reef tank. Once I figure out how to, I'll post some photos. I'm very computer illiterate so once things require me to set up new accounts and upload and what not I usually just back away slowly haha id love to share photos of my nano tank "Shoebox" it's a 5 gallon with live rock filtration only. 2 clownfish, a peppermint shrimp, 3 blue legs hermits, 4 Astrea snails, a feather duster and 1 Nasarius snail. It also has 18 different types of coral, and a green bta. Zoas, hammer, frog spawn, candy canes, birdsnest..... My favorite part is that a frag looks like a colony in there so it looks aged and it's only on week 13. And week 13 has lived up to the hype and been a total nightmare. Mostly user error. Accidentally had the salinity at 1.030 and needles to say things weren't happy the next morning. Then, I put a heater in and the thermostat wasn't under the water so it heated the water to 92 degrees, and I lost my smallest clown :( I took the heater out, put an in opened otter pop in and it cooled it down. Now everything is doing great. I'm learning that sometimes less is more, and "if it works, don't fix it" my tank runs beautifully with just a weekly water change of 1/2 gallon and live rock filtration. So that's how I'm leaving it.




Welcome to the forum, it is a wonderful place to be, good people with good information and experiences.

My buddy Jody over at TECO lives in Medford, if you go out there say hello from Bert. He has crazy corals.

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