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Need to sell reef to fix car


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Need a new clutch :( Would really like 1k for everything but negotabale. If I am gonna part out the price has to be worth it. 


text me at 503-929-8754

FTS: 6/01/2016 new scape









So this a Lee Mar 50 Gallon Starphire Glass Aquarium with 2 Returns and a Durso Standpipe Overflow




Up Top:



Jebao RW-4 

AquaticLife T5 Retro Fit with 4 x V3 Arrays Blue Fish Controlled with a Coral + and Purple + 




Reef Angel Plus Controller 


24 Gallon Sump

SCA 303 Skimmer

Aquatop 250 Watt Heater

2x 5000k CFL for Refugium/Scrubber

Aqua PR20/20 Reactor for Carbon

DIY Algae Scrubber

Quiet One 2200 Return Pump


Live Stock:

Pair of Premium Snowflake Clowns

Midas Blenny

Yellow Tang (Bring it...)

Mated Pair of Mandarin Dragonets

Cleaner Shrimp

CUC (includes 1 Conch)

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I feel for you.. I'm on the verge of selling all my tanks due to rent increases and other financial issues...

It's sucks. If anything I'll sell the setup keep a couple frags and my clown fish and just have a nano

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