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Welcome our newest board members!


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Elections just ended yesterday and it was a very close race. I was lucky as president this year to have so many excellent and willing candidates. 


Those of you who are not supporting members cannot see this forum so I am posting the announcement here. I hope more of you will considering being supporting members as there are lots of perks to being a supporting member. One of them is to be able to vote on club discussions and your leaders.


Without further rambling please welcome your new board members for 2016/2017 (some of them as you know served last year):


I'm going to announce them Top Gun style! 


Holly (call name Gil&Fin)  :cheer: 

Jorge (call name Jorge, yup that's right he's original ;):cheer: 

Karen (call name Viper...just kidding Kknight)  :cheer: 

Adam (call name Softy)  :cheer: 

Garrett (call name The Premium Aquarium ) :cheer: 


No buzzing the tower or flying below the hard deck  :nono: 


Welcome!!            :clap:  :clap:  :drinking: 




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Awesome!! Where do I start? Lol


Just sit tight soldier and wait for your orders :).


Like Badxgillen said. I wish we could have had the entire group that ran this year. I suppose it's a nice problem to have but would have been great to have you all! :)


I will be working on a get together to get the entire group together to get you all up to speed on current plans as well as future projects! :)

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Wait so emerald is president?



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Yes I am the president for the 2016/17 term. The officer elections happen first and there was no voting because all of the positions ran uncontested.


VP is Badxgillen

Treasurer MrBret

Secretary milesmiles

Vendor relations Mattv


Admin remain the same chief , Jeremy and softy. These are appointed positions so no need for voting

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