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Lexinverts' Gonzo Reefer Garage Sale!


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Hello all:


I've accumulated a bunch of stuff for a few projects that I didn't end finishing. I need to make some space in the garage, and raise some funds for a new project with seahorses.


I'm in Corvallis, but I can meet people in Salem and I will be coming to Portland this coming weekend. I'll also be coming to Portland for Rudy's Reef Expo.


Send me a PM if interested in any of this stuff.


OR Arctic T247 lights


1) Brand new, still sealed in the original box. $150 (SOLD)


2) 1.5 yrs old. All diodes work perfectly, and I just got the fans replaced at the repair shop in Portand. It should run like new for another 1.5 yrs!  $100 (SOLD)


3) 1.5 yrs old. All diodes fans still work. It probably will need to have the fans replaced by Bo's repair crew within the next year or so. $75 (SOLD)




Medical grade peristaltic dosing pump with timer/controller functionality. I used this to dose tiny quantities of vodka to my system with a timer. Very nice! $115


This is a Nautilis model from http://reefdosingpumps.com/nautilis.html




Medical grade peristaltic dosing pump. This is the same high quality peristaltic pump, but it has to be run constantly. It is a good option for dosing two-part gradually over 24 hrs. $50


This is the Commander model from http://reefdosingpumps.com




BRS 1.1 ml per minute peristaltic pumps. I have 4 of them for sale. These all were used less than 6 months and work great. $45 each (2 of the pumps PENDING)




Jebao JP-4 four channell dosing pump. New in box. Never used. $50 (Sold)




Hydor Slim Skim Skimmer. 65 gallon capacity. New in box. Never used. $100





Triton Al-99 high quality aluminum based phosphate remover 1 liter bottle, never opened. $30




CPR Aquatic Nano Tumbler Media Reactor. Do you have an all in one tank and think that you don't have room for a media reactor? This bad boy will fit in the back sump compartment. Brand new in box, comes with a Rio pump (pump used for a few weeks). $30




Brand New in box, RAPID LED Actinic Supplement Kit with Storm Controller and heat sink. I ended up going a different direction here. I bought Dan Lu's awesome REEFi LEDs instead.

$175 for everything in the below pics. (Controller, lights, heat sink).





This is a screen shot of my order email from RAPID so you can see what exactly I got and how much it was.



Hydor Auto Topoff. This was on a freshwater tank for about 1 month. It is in mint condition. It comes with a controller and a sensor. They do not come with a pump. I am selling this one because I am breaking down the freshwater tank. These are my favorite auto-topoff systems. I think they are easier to use than the Tunzes. Below is a link to a listing for a new one: $60 (SOLD)






Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 150 AND Maxijet pump with tubing. Used for 2 months, mint condition. $40 (PENDING)



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I'm interested in the skimmer, just need to make sure it will work for my JBJ 45.



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Cody, I don't think that it would fit in the back sump of the JBJ 45, if that is what you were thinking. I just measured it as 4.25 inches deep by 4.25 inches wide.

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