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Wife and I were talking about setting up a horse tank.

We have been researching up and down.


What would you guys suggest as far as a tank? (AIO)

She was wanting a little 6 gallon JBJ rimless. My opinion too small?

As far as what type of horses... I'm not so sure. I was thinking the dwarf ones, but what I have read about them. They are pretty lazy. So leads me to the bigger ones.


As far as tank mates and such. Perhaps one pipefish but leaning towards no tank mates. But we will see.



Any infor would help

Links personal opinions and thoughts please say.



Thanks Chris

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I definitely missed out...

You can keep them in a regular reef???



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Yes you can! He recommends H. Erects as they are very hardy and captive bred as like corals throw that have acclimated to captivity do better. He recommends a little cooler water temp like 72 because that keeps at bay some of the parasites that they can get but they will do well in higher temps. They do not need low flow like lit was once thought. Main thing is to watch for certain stinging corals like anemones. Also keeping your water quality good which most of us do! I came home with a breeding pair because Sirena has always wanted them and I told her no all the time. Now she can have her seahorses but I'm not planning on raising babies as that's a lot of work.

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Apparently everything we've been told about seahorses and having to be kept in low flow isn't entirely true.

I know about the flow and such. I have found where to buy local pairs. I guess they like to hang out by the knozzle to play and such. I have been humming and hawing about it for years and years.

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From what I read you can keep them with just about any corals. Except for the stinging ones of course which is a no brainier.


Just not sure what size tank? 20-30gallon?

20 gallon or smaller will be fine. I'm keeping mine in my 20. They have a bunch of seahorses at the TPA Wilsonville.

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