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Christmas wrasse reef safe???


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I was spending the day with my daughter today and wound up going to LFS to buy salt. My daughter spotted this Christmas wrasse that she fell in love with. So I purchased the fish without even asking if it was reef safe. Usually my daughter wants the biggest or most expensive fish in store. So when she asked for this one one I just said yes and we took it home. So before I put it in my display. Are these type of wrasse reef safe? Does anyone have this fish in their reef aquarium?

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Yeah it looks like that. What a bone headed move on my part really. I'll just keep them in my quarantine tank and take them back tomorrow and exchange for something different my daughter may like. Thanks for the quick response.


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I've had the blue variety for over a year now. She's annoying with the sand splashing sometimes but other than that she's my favorite.


Super social, always in my face when I'm viewing the tank. She has stopped growing at around 6". She's been in a 75g if that helps. Her and our fairy wrasse are best buds.

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I think mine couldve been an ornate. The Christmas wrasse is considered reef safe. Easily confused with an ornate wrasse. According to the experts H. Claudia (Christmas wrasse) is the better choice for the reef as opposed to the the ornate. GL!

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