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Leopard puffer....how peaceful are they really?


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Been doing a revamp on my stocking options without tiny shrimp, and hubby noticed this peaceful puffer, canthigaster leoparda, a leopard puffer. Theyre listed on several info sources as peaceful and reef safe.....anyone have one in reef? How nice of neighbors are they?

We currently have a few small, peaceful fish, tailspot blenny, a firefish, a bengaii, a diamond goby, and a lawnmower blenny. Were going to get a dragonette eventually, but that's the only must have on my fish list. Would this potentially peaceful puffer be a bad tank mate choice?

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There was an article in coral magazine about them. They tend to be more agressive than the saddle puffer canthigaster Valentini. I would go with that over the leopard one but even then they are not 100 percent reef safe.i had one develop a fondness for Lps.

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Should get along with your other fish, but they will eat inverts like snails, shrimp, and anything that crawls on rocks like amphipods and copepods (which could deprive a dragonet, if the tank is on the smaller side). My valentini is just a baby and already can't keep away from snails. With corals, I believe it depends on the individual fish. Some nip at LPS corals, but not all do. I don't think the risk is anywhere near as great as with dwarf angels, and they are easy fish to remove if you decide it's causing trouble. 

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Emerald, love the dedication and agree with your opinion on the puffer. I have one question for you....why are you responding before 5 am?!?!?


Lol because I get up usually between 445 to 5 pm so I can work out in the morning before I have to get to work. ????

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