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Matteo's 29G College Living Room Piece


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Hey there! I am usually pretty active on Nano Reef but I decided I need to share some love with my fellow PNW reefers!


I am a student at Southern Oregon University and even though I am supposed to be broke studying I have my reef junkie needs!


FTS 4/12/2016




29 Gallon Standard (Petco 1$ sale FTW!!) 

Ikea Coffee Table reinforced with 2x4s. DIY Light Mount




AI Hydra 26HD (going to swap out with DIY build, will post plans and build)

BRS Screen Cover so my Blenny doesn't leave me. 
AC110 which is a massive beast! 
Aqueon 150 Watt Heater (upgrading to a 250 watt)
Tunze 6020 Discreet Power Head 
Reef Angel Plus which is my ATO, temp controller, and soon to be light controller

DIY AC110 Surface Skimmer


Live Stock:

Pair of Premium Snowflake Clowns (shoutout to clutivated reef)
One Midas Blenny 
One Pygmy Angel



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Here is the build and mods I have done with this tank! 


Here are the pics of the AC110 Surface Skimmer!20160406_202015_zpsgs6ilizp.jpg

Got the surface skimmer in place! Working great! also have the Reef Angel Plus programmed and working perfectly as my ATO as well! 






also here is my new torch! got it from Totally Exotic Corals of Oregon





here is the ATO return



These pictures were taken when I was using 5000k cfls waiting for my AI to come in. The surface skimmer is working flawlessly, holds my heater, ph and temp probe, ato float valve and oblivious the intake of the A110. 

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Nice setup!


How do you like the reef angel?


Are they ever thinking of jumping to the Pi platform I wonder?

So far so good! I got the reef angel plus for a bargain and so far I really like it! I have never coded before but this is definitely making me learn which I am all about. Also the Wizard Tool is super easy and convenient to adjust and tinker to how you like it. I am not to savvy on the difference between Pi and Adurano etc. but one thing I do have a slight complain about is modules for the Reef Angel I think are a smidge high $$. I would love to get the LED expansion but for $10 dollars cheaper I could buy a Bluefish mini. 

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Thanks for sharing! I love that you are posting this is class! Also the picture with the Ranch style beans! Ahh college life! I admire your dedication to having a tank on a college budget!


Oh but I see Tuna fish and some veggies :laugh: I have been broke but did not get to go to college :D


Looking good and use that light it looks good!

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Well after going out last night and my buddy deciding to throw up in the cab the cab rise went from 10 bucks to a 100 ????. Not chill. All good though it was a fun night. Now I gotta eat me some Ramen if I wanna afford coral! Got some nice pieces from Totally Exotic Corals of Oregon and some nice stuff from Wet and Wild! I'll pull the DSLR out and get some pics today.

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So little update, I did a trade deal for an Aquatic Life T5 fixture which has been retrofitted with a pair of V3 arrays all controlled by a BlueFish! Super super super extied. This is a 24inch fixture and over my 29gallon will it be overkill? MAYBE but it is pretty much a dream fixture and a fixture I plan to use when ever I upgrade my 29g (WHICH OF COURSE WILL HAPPEN). Fixture arrives Friday!






Bulbs are a Blue + and a Coral +. Seller says they will work but definitly should replace soon. Should I keep the same color array for bulbs? I am new to the T5HO world but am very excited to be in the T5/LED hybrid group!!! I am also on painmeds due to some medical stuff so I am having a jolly time wohooo!  happy45.gif  happy45.gif  happy45.gif  happy45.gif  dancingnaughty.gif  dancingnaughty.gif  dancingnaughty.gif

BTW AC110 skimmer I build is working amazingly! ATO controlled by reef angel and heater controlled by RA have my tank perfectly stable! AC110 with a sponge and some ROX carbon also have kept my water perfect and all corals, fish, inverts (including a very large clam seem to be very happy! New light should make them even happier! 

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Depends on what your looking for Blue+ Isn't all that blue, i currently run 2 Blue+ 1 Purple + 1 Coral + which I feel is a good combination to use, but most likely will be swapping out one of the Blue+ for an Actinic at some point because I like a Lot more blue than what the current setup is.


Here is a photo with just the 2X Blue+ on96I4o90.jpg?1

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Yes Nanobox v3s run very white. I like my tank a crisp white yet with corals popping ya know? Here is a random google search pic of the color I like! scape8-model2_zps5rvemibw.jpg It could honestly be a hint more blue/purple though :) 

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If your referring to having the Lighting shown in that tank you posted do you only have the option of 2 T5 bulbs? If so I would do 2X purple +, i do not know what the V3 Array LED's are but with enough white LED's and the 2 bulbs I mentioned before you should get the look of that tank.


Remember Purple+ is just like blue+ not "too" purple and will easily be offset with white.

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Looking good man! Love the clam and Blenny :)



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Thanks dude! Still gotta figure out the White balance on my Nikon and I didn't feel like opening up photoshop haha. I am gonna need some corals and nems soon man ;)

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