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My husband dared me


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to make an account on here and start a post.  Soooo, at home we have a 180 gallon tank that is full of ugly hair algae at the moment.  We have a couple, super fun to watch, puffer fish that our kids adore.  Last week Bret picked up some beautiful big sea hares to eat the algae.  I LOVE those slug looking things!  They're so beautiful and fun to watch.  And then the puffer fish ATE THEM!  Not nice puffer fish!  Bad puffer fish, lol.  We still love the puffers, but yeah, I guess no more sea hares for us.  

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Hey ! I hope to meet you some time! You put up with a lot with Bret's passion... aka  :nutty:


Don't fault the puffers for eating the sea hares LOL. To them it was like a juicy tasty bacon cheeseburger that you added to the tank!

Welcome to the forum! 

What does Bret have to do now that you won the dare?  :happy:

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