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Coral Burning / Compatibility Chart


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Someone over on reefcentral is putting together a nice chart




The color yellow means the two corals can coexist without burning eachother, the orange color means the coral with orange background will burn the other coral, the blue color means the coral with blue background will burn the other coral.




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I have been keeping tabs on coral fights for about 10 years now, I have yet to compile the information like this though. And many of us keep so many different species, like Mandinga said, this will be one complicated chart. Awesome to see this information becoming available, over time it might just get ironed out.

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No kidding, the newest version of the chart is too big for the screen.


This looks like a sparse matrix, for the software / mathematics crowd ;)  It's true, a dense matrix like this is a tad overwhelming.  


A simple index by coral (Acropora x stings, stung by) would be allot easier to digest...


It is cool you have data Robert, you should link up with this guy and boost his table with data.  


Or if you want a website to document it better that would be a useful thing...  


Well either way, kind of an interesting thing going on there....

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