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Hozers cube build :)


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Well all you know it's been a while since I had a tank but guess what happens last week .... I got me a brand new nuvo cube from our local fish store cuttlefish & corals . More to come in the next couple days or a week or so lol . I just thought I would mention it




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Hmmmm,,,,,,,, I've got some acans for you (unless I killed them all, I've not looked in the "can" tank for awhile-J/K of course

Congrats on the new cube, I had heard rumor of it- :)

hit me up when it's time

Oh no not the acans lol and I know better with you and thx it was a little longer wait then I wanted but oh well no big deal I got the cube now and I will
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Hello all and here is my update on my new 40 gallon mini cube and I have order new lights and a skimmer for a Great LFS  :thumbs: and if you all are wondering who it is  :popcorn: well it was C&C which is where I got the tank as well  :D  and one of the nicest things about the new tank is that it's in the house now  :clap:. Well anyways my new led light is going to be the AI Prime and the skimmer is going to be the ghost skimmer and anyways enough of my Blah Blah here are the pics 

Right side 


left side 




Top Down 


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Gotta love progress on new tanks!!!!

I know what you mean it's always fun  :rolleyes:


Looks nice Jose! You gonna run a sump too? Like the look of those nuvo cubes ! I'm guessing with the calcium reactor you're gonna have spa?

Thx and i might but i'll wait and see how this does with out a sump for a while and then figure something out  :D  and yes it is a nuvo :agree:  oh you know I will have sps in the tank. I can't stay away to long I'll start with some lps and then up to the big dogs again  :drinking:

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I'm excited to see this tank come together. Looks great so far.

Thx Jeff and I love the new light and I know I'll be back in a couple weeks to stock up


You running any other lights aside from the prime? I've been looking into it myself for my 12x12 but the max spread I've read is like 18 inches

As of right now no and the prime's are grear with the spread and range

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OK Here is a couple pics of the light and just a couple snails and sand sifting star that I pick up from C&C  :applause:

this is only @ 20% 




And this pair I couldn't say no to 




and thats all for now but in a couple weeks I should have some more updates and corals will come in play in a few weeks need to get my alk down to @ least 10 right now its @ 12.5 so thats all for now  :congratulatory:

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Ok here are some updates from my tank everything is doing great I have gotten my all down to 10.0 and now I have sps in my tank :cool: you I just can't stay away from sps even if I tried and here are some pics from my shopping @ C&C  :agree: and the tank in general








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