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New Controller Coming Out - Digital Aquatics Archon


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Yet another contender, good to see



The future is now.

Providing more features than any other controller system on the market, Archon brings a whole new level of possibilities to the modern aquarium enthusiast – giving you greater capability to monitor and maintain your tank than ever before.


Take your tank with you.

With built-in wireless communication and an entirely web-based interface, Archon allows aquarium owners to monitor and control their tank from any computer or mobile device. Next time you’re away from home, take your tank with you – while leaving stress behind.


Limitless possibilities

Archon uses a Linux-based operating framework running open-source code, giving more advanced users the ability to modify their system however they wish. If that’s a little too technical, no worries – Archon is already configured to monitor and control 100 modules, with future expandability to run up to an astounding 255 separate modules.

What can Archon do for you?

Archon gives you the ability to fully automate your home aquarium, greatly reducing the time needed for daily maintenance tasks and providing better peace of mind when you’re on the road.

– Multiple selectable inputs for pH and/or ORP

– 4 bus ports for connection to Archon modules

– 4 individual 0-5/0-10V outputs for lighting and dimmable ballasts

– 6 ports for switch inputs or triggers

– 4 ports for PWM dimming control for LED lighting

– Built-in programming and firmware updating via USB

– Full compatibility with existing Digital Aquatics modules

Pump Control / Wavemakers

Archon gives you full control of more of the industry’s most popular pumps, giving you the ability to create nearly any type of wave circulation in your tank.

Graphing / Data Logging

With the built-in USB port and included 4GB micro USB card, Archon allows you to save and store data and easily view it on your computer – helping you to better analyze trends in temperature/chemical levels and maintain a healthier tank.

Built-in Wireless

That’s right – you can now monitor and control your tank from a computer or mobile device, without having to run network cables all the way from your tank. Unlike the older product of our competitors, Archon broadcasts straight to your home or workplace router, without forcing you to purchase “gaming adapters” or other additional devices.


Full control of your tank’s lighting setup, including timers, dimming control, ramp times to simulate dawn/dusk, and much more. Moonlight control allows you to reproduce a true 29.5-day lunar cycle for nighttime lighting; seasonal settings automatically adjust the daylight hours during a given time of year, allowing you to simulate almost any environment.

Temperature, pH, ORP, and Salinity

Archon provides multiple inputs for monitoring Temp, pH, ORP, and Salinity, providing a constant up-to-date reading of all your tank’s vital measurements. Heaters, fans, reactors and dosing devices can all be automatically triggered when any of these parameters exceed your desired level.

Auto Top-Off

Archon uses multiple switch inputs to constantly monitor water levels. When your tank level gets too low, a dosing pump can be

automatically triggered to refill water as needed




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No kidding! Well' date=' I thought it was pretty cool that it is backward compatible with all the powerbars etc that a person might already have. These controllers are just too expensive to start over every time.[/quote']


Definitely a nice feature, I wonder if they will make a new power bar with more than 4 outlets?

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I watched a youtube video by Thomas Brown last night talking with DA at Reefapalooza or wherever about this. The big thing I took away from the video was the comment from DA that they brought in all new people to make this happen. Made it sound like old crew was holding them back from getting it done.

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