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New Project. Need Advice


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So I've been thinking about a new project I want to start. Basically it will be a table top tide pool. I want to keep it shallow, 6" max, and it will be viewable only from the top. I'll let it fill in with different colored ricordeas, and add some sexy shrimp/anemone crabs.


The problem I'm having is what to use. The table I have for it is just over one square foot on top, so there's not a lot of room to work with. I've thought about a glass bowl, small preformed pond...

Any other ideas?


I'll drill whatever I use and have a sump for the pump and heater.

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If it was me I would make or have made a custom glass tank,possibly acrylic,as a smaller project is not too difficult. You could cover the sides with whatever trim you wanted and maybe have them removable to get a side view once in a while. Sounds like it will be pretty cool no matter what you end up going with.

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There are some great ways to do a surge device to make for a killer tide pool...basically a separate container suspended above the tank, water is continuously pumped into the surge device and then it overflows back into your tide pool. Surge devices are relatively simple, you just would need a place to keep it concealed...it would eliminate he need for a sump...very euro

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The surge idea sounds cool. Probably more complicated than I want to get into though. I'm going to keep it pretty simple.


The stand is probably 30" tall. Not sure on lights yet. Just in planning stages. I'm thinking about breaking the spec down and moving everything over to this if it works out. So I'd be able to use the par 38 bulb from that.

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Found this at Lowes today.



It's just about perfect for what I need. The base is small enough to fit on the stand, and since it flares out, it still holds around 3 gallons. The only problem is that it's meant to be the top of a waterfall, so the edge is lower on the one side. Any ideas to fill that gap? I was thinking about siliconing a piece of black plastic in. Or maybe black pond foam? I'm open to any ideas if you have them.


Also, I can decide whether I want to glue rubble pieces all over the inside, or just leave the plastic exposed on most of it.



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