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What’s the QUIETEST ext. pump?


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Royal Exclusive Red Dragon Deluxe

head loss here: http://english.royal-exclusiv.de/output-curve-red-dragon-pump.htm


At 600.00 for the least expensive, I got to pass on this one


I use the Reeflo Barracuda 4500GPH and ultra quiet. I say Reeflo makes a quiet pump.


I only need 1200-1500 gph-I need to see what they have in that range


Or the ATB Flow Star 1800' date=' if you want to go "cheap" lol[/quote']


What's your thought on the 1500 at half the price-its only 220.00


Or if you want be tricky, get an Askoll and don't pay for the extra features like titanium rods and kalk bypass:



Is thing quiet really???? Its only 160.00 plus ship-its a little out of the 400-600 dollar range your other suggestion where???


I use a Barracuda too and I love it. Silent in a basement.

If I was running my tank where I watch tv I was going for the Atb or RE


It will be in the family room so it needs to be quiet.


Presently I am using the "queit one" model 6000 by pentair and it is quiet but then again it is in the sump-I can run it externally and will try it, but wanted to see what others suggested in the event it might be to load.


This is a proactive thread-(whistle)


You can check these out, I have one, very quiet and good price



Do you have this running in the house where you "relax" and would you buy it again based on its "quietness"


you saw mine on my 55g. its called a tiny might.


only uses .8 amps and 1200gph at 4' head and very quiet.

That was quiet, but I think I want quieter-I'll check it out again when I am up there next (tomorrow-(whistle) Call me when you can), I don't remember if your cabinet had a door and it was closed/open etc....

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The Royal Exclusive and the atb they both use the same pump (motor), the italian askoll pond pump (the one in the third link).

They add some custom machined volutes for more flow and the support (+ the bypass for the RE).

The 1500 keep the new askoll volute, so it cost a lot less and it make sense to me.

The askoll itself has the same motor (being the donor of RE and ATB). I would go for the atb, especially for the great support they are known to have in the US (a guy name Victor). At ATB they know a lot about pumps and silent pumps, being probably the producers of the best (and most silent) skimmer on the market.


Compared to the pumps we see around here there is a lot of difference. In sizes and motors. It is like the difference between an Harley Davidson (no substitute for CI sort of approach) and a Ducati (just paint it red and it will go fast approach). They both do their job pretty well and it is a manner of technology and style :)


You asked for the most silent and you didn't put a $ limit :)

The right answer is A) Royal Exclusive ;)

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They add a bit of heat, but they are DEAD silent!


These are the quietest pumps I have ever "heard". They do add some heat, but if you have a proper chiller for your system, then that is no issue. You could also use a Reeflo Snapper. They are quiet and you can put a ball valve inline to cut the flow with out hurting the pump.

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They add a bit of heat, but they are DEAD silent!


I saw those-looks like they add about 4-5 degrees-part of the reason going external is heat reduction, so that one is out- My chiller STILL is turning on, I have all the gear in the sump-It kicks on about every 4 hours now, as to every 1.5 in the summer



If what I currently use wont work it looks like the ATB Flow star 15000 will be the pump. I have read some great stuff on them

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