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Hello all hope everyone is well. Im looking for a little help on saturday afternoon lets say around 4-5:00pm. Im moving a tank into my basement and i need a little muscle. This tank is 150gal glass tank and its made out of 1/2 glass so it is really heavy. Im guessing it is around 400pounds. If i did not get the great deal on the tank i would not of even thought about buying it, but it kinda fell into my lap. i have 4 ppl helping already but i would like to have 2 more so we dont all have to break our backs moving it. the plan is to slide the tank down the stairs on 2x4's so we dont have to carry it but to have a few more ppl to help unload the tank and then to lift in into place on the stand would be a great help. if anyone would like to help(pretty please) please send me a pm with a phone number so i can get back to you. this project should not take more than a hour at the most to do! Thanks in advance.


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750 lbs? you three guys are really strong! :D who made this tank? that is ridiculously heavy. i know a 150g aqueon glass tank weighs 281 lbs per the following link. even it's an oceanic tank i know they are usually thicker glass but i wouldn't think that they would weight more than twice as much as the aqueon tanks.


sorry i can't help move it in.




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just an idea on how heavy they are. i have 2 of those in my collection and the first one we put in had 150 pounds of sand in it and we moved it and put it on a 40 inch high stand with three guys. the second one was empty and my 16 year old son and i moved it all the way through the house and lifted it on to a 36 inch high stand. they really aren't that bad to move, just a little awkward

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i just want to tell robert thanks a million for all the help. he was kind enough to meet me and pick up the tank for delivery to my house. thanks i owe you now robert(laugh). i got the tank half filled with water tonight and so far no leaks!(clap). im gonna let it sit over night at half full and fill it up the rest of the way tomorrow. i will get some pics up as soon as i can(my pc took a dive today). once again thanks for all the help and offers!!!!!!

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