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Picture of the Month Prize Pack!


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I have not heard anything back but the POTM has been posted for 6 months or so. As part of my rehab I have to give back to the community! I hope I have not offended whoever was in charge of picking the winner.. If so my apologies and feel free to take over..


Read the sticky for more details. Here are the rules I cut and pasted:



POTM rules..

1 - You can only post 2 pictures a month and they must be your own pictures.


2 - Please don't post replies in between pictures, this will help, it will allow people to see all the pictures without having to read the replies.


3 - If you want to respond to or ask a question, please start a new thread.


Thanks I hope you all understand that this will make it easier on everyone.

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Here are the prizes!


You have until July 18th to submit pictures! Then voting will begin and . Guess what that means another poll!(clap)


Here is the prize pack! Something for everyone and only one winner!


Blastomussa Wellsi! WYSIWYG



Those of you who submitted pictures already.. please move them to this thread! Thanks!


1. Bc Blue elephant Chalice frag:




Mother colony:




2. Orange Monti cap!Sorry you only get a frag now! RTN problems(sad). Frags are doing fine though.(clap)




3.Nice Little Yuma!(clap)




4. Sandollar Monti!:D




5. Nice zoa colony:D





6. one or 2 or maybe more red mushrooms!




One more prize to sweeten the deal:


Purple haze monti frag



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Re: Picture of the Month Prize Pack!






Does it have to be fish related? Cause if not I would post this one



Snapped it along with about 25 more while the photographer was trying to set up his equipment


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bumping this up cmon you only have 3 more days left! Also need to come up with one more prize as Beth had to frag the orange monti colony. It had some rtn. It was in the solana we just got and not liking the move.


I will pick something out in one of our more established tanks.

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