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OK, so Delta Airlines just killed my entire tank...

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They shipped my box of corals from my old tank to Phoenix and damaged it to the point of leaking , so they won't ship it here (funny, the box made it all the way from Jakarta to Minneapolis fine). Therefore, I need to figure out the value of these items. None are rare by any stretch of the imagination, but I've had them for four years; all are colonies, most are huge. I'll write what I think they would cost if you could find specimens that size in a shop, tell me if I'm far off...


15" Devil's hand leather $180

10" Toadstool $140

9" Green M.Cap $120

volleyball sized shrub of a purple whip gorgonian $300

20"tall 10" circumference 15 branched, tan candelabra gorgonian $200

30+ head green/purple frogspawn $300

20+ head metallic green frogspawn $200

6 various Ricordea $150

8 various mushrooms $120

25 orange zoas $50

20 green dragon eyed zoas $40

Pink bubble coral $100

Orange scolymia $100


Shipping costs $400

Total $2400


Are there any websites known for having large colonies for sale? I may have to validate these prices somehow.

Do you think its fair to consider adding shipping charges to the value? If I'm trying to get a replacement value established it doesn't seem unreasonable to assume some shipping costs, right? Ethical and philosophical commentary welcome on that one as well.

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I would go higher on several of the prices.


9" green monti cap- $100 easy, maybe more.


A volleyball sized shrub of purple whip gorgonia, I would add a lot to that, you won't find one to validate the price on line, it is that rare to get a large colony. I have been growing my frag out for 4 years and I have 9 stalks now and it is under a foot tall. The 6" frag was $40.


20"tall 10" circumference 15 branched, tan candelabra gorgonian, I would double that, but honestly you won't find one that size for sale.


30+ head green/purple frogspawn, I would go $10 a head.


6 various Ricordea $80, stores here sell them for $25 a ric.


25 orange zoas $50, that is a bit high to me. Depends on the zoa.


Depends on the size,a pink bubble, I'd pay a lot for. I've never seen one for sale.


Orange scolymia, $50? Serious? Did you say brown and the size of a quarter? If it is a scoly depending on size easily 4x as much.


To get large colonies you are going to have to special order, and special ship, I would include all charges you will incur.

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They are saying it was their fault because they never should have accepted it as checked baggage. Not that they damaged it or sent it to the wrong place.


I was just looking through my thread subscriptions and didn't realize you replied...


How did you make out? If they admit fault, run with it!


Best of luck,


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Make sure to write down all names, what they said, and get things signed if possible. CYA as much as possible, someone down the line will attempt to fight this, but if you have all paperwork and names admitting fault then they won't win. If it comes down to it you just threaten to go to court (or hire a lawyer for $500 and add it to the bill) and they will most likely pay out to get rid of you. But, if you have no proof of who said what and the insurance coverage than you have nothing to win with.


I once shipped a tank with UPS and it arrived broken. I asked for insurance, but it never got insured because I guess something didn't get marked right. Anyway, I threatened to close my account with UPS and they paid up (which they should have).

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