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my new 290gal is .....


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complete. well not quite but my daughter and I love looking at nemo and dori and some hand drawn sharpie corals and fish. Here are some pics of the stand, sump and tank. I just hope I can complete it before the new little one is due in January. The stand still needs to be painted.






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When I told them to build it strong enough to put a jeep on I didn't think they were going to take me literally. Actually the material was expensive but labor was less because it was less welds. Once I saw yours I knew I didn't want any braces in the way. It is almost 4ft tall so that was a concern. One thing I did forget was built in cup holders.

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Smart man! Hey, I got to go back and look at some photos, I would swear I have some of you and your daughter at our neighborhood Xmas toydrive/party. Love the pictures above. I can just hear her now, "come on Nemo, come on Dori and Prancer and Vixen". I'll bet she can't wait to see this setup, nor can I. You know, I'm the only glowing blue house in our blocks now....still waiting for the badges to show up, but heard the helecoptors above me today :)...even in this weather!

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Alright, time to break out the sledge hammer! (gavel) I have a chainsaw and a sawsall if you need to borrow one. Did you get my message about wood for a "greenhouse" over your tank? I have some stong and long pieces of 1x3 or 1x4 if you want it. (along with some 4x6 pressure treated you can use as corner posts. It's yours for a frag or 2 (whatever you think is fair). I need to get it out of my garage so I can get it ready for our Christmas/Santa KGW toy drive. You won't get any sagging like you would with PVC. I also have a bunch of molding that may work for your new tank window as well. Call me if you want to stop by and take a look. (503)558-8738

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Rumor has it the hole in the wall is being cut friday......(rock2) Let the equipment purchases begin. (clap)


Ron I pretty much have everything I need. Thanks for the offer. Your tank looks great by the way in those pics you posted. You'll have it filled with corals in no time.

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Here are some updates.....

sizing up the hole


whoops got a little angry


doing the measure




got to move some wires


this sucks


stage 1 completed


creating the frame for the tank


lining it up


one day....


my little helper oh yea and the brains behind the project. you figure out which one I'm talking about


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top frame in place


frame done


hole in the wall


having too much fun


mud master in action


deck sealed with bar style epoxy


no going back


fish eye view


backin her in


tank is in place




moulding in place


we had too



Still some finish work to do like staining the moulding. painting, ... oh yea lots of clean up. It really looks better than I ever expected. Can't wait to finish up and get water going.

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