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Awesome green acro, Monti frag pack - superman, green w/purple rim cap, green digi


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I've got this really nice green acro that i need to frag. Will have 2 frags asking $30 each. Both have multiple branches and are at least 4" and have nice pink/orange tips. Frags will be fresh cut you can see the 2 branches in the pics









Next up i have a monti frag pack. I have 5 of these. $25 each


Bali superman also known as false superman i guess because the polyps are not as bright as the "real deal" but still a really sweet monti.


Mother colony








1"+ green monti digi








Green w/ purple rim cap. This is a colony i saved from Ahren's tank when his house caught fire. Its grown really nice. He said he bought it as a Leng Sy cap but i cannot prove if it is or not. Either way a nice cap. Frags will be at least 2-3" or larger as i'd like to get this colony smaller






I'm keeping this one but frags will be larger than this



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Heres a carrot for you Sean. (laugh) I'll split shipping for you northern folks. Fedex ground gets to PDX overnight and only costs around 15 bucks or so total. So add 8 bucks and i'll ship.


And on that green acro i'm talking those whole branches about 2" above where they are growing out of the base. They are more like 6".

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Uh' date=' I do NOT encourage a move Miles. I do think it is time to think about a Eugene meeting to get all you Portanders down here to see some Southern tanks. We are real nice down here. Southern Hospitality....;)[/quote']



I think that would be great Joel - there are some awesome tanks down there from what I have seen on the board.

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Well, I will say $8.00 for shipping and the initial cost of $25.00 makes this frag pack delivered to your door for a total of $33.00. Not sure where you could get a better deal? Everything was packaged to perfection, everything was nicer then expected.


So if I was on the fence about doing this I would jump off the fence and paypal the man some money and make room for your three frags that you'll be getting in a day or so.


Thanks again.

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