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Most of you Im sure have seen this fish but for those of you that have not look no further.... oh and yes it is on the list of fish you can by from your L.F.S.!(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap) click here to see it in action!---->


(threaten)Flaming Prawn Goby or SpikeFin(threaten)


Flaming Prawn Goby, Discordipinna griessingeri, is as flamboyant in color as it is secretive by nature. Also known as the Spikefin Goby, this bright Goby is one of several Shrimp Gobies and originates from the Red Sea and throughout the Marquesan Islands. If present, this fish will gladly share its sand bed burrow with a Pistol Shrimp of the Alpheus genus. It will also build burrows in the absence of a Pistol Shrimp; helping to keep the sand bed well stirred. Because of its penchant for burrowing, the substrate provided should be fine sand. Its white body is traversed by an orange-red “flame” that begins at the top of its pronounced dorsal fin and ends as it merges onto the lower portion of the tail. The head is spotted with brown-maroon spots. Its top and back fins are red with black spots outlined in white. Truly a rare find, it is important to house this fish with others who will not pick on it. Like other members of the Goby family, this fish is a skilled leaper and requires a tightly covered aquarium. Great singly or in groups, this reef-safe fish readily adapts to a diet of frozen or live shrimp such as Mysis Shrimp or Brine Shrimp.

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Has anyone seen that fish at a LFS? Or maybe a better question would be if any lfs seen it on a fish list or at least had a chance to bring one in?


(nono)was at the wholesale shop last week! and has been on the trans ship list as well. if you want one contact nick at rose city or I will for you as I work there on the weekends!(clap)

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There is a link to checkout the seadragons right at the end of that video!! Those are crazy too!!


Yeah, the pygmy seadragons are very cool!



Akira Bingo has some great videos at his website!

Scroll down another three video links and you will see that

He has some amphipods listed as Phronima sedentaria. I'm sure they are misidentified, but seem just as disturbing in their appearance. Maybe it was the background music in the video. (laugh) http://bingo.myhome.cx/cs3wmv/tarumawasi.wmv You may need to right-click on link, and save file.


This is a video of an actual Phronima

I really do think the creature in the movie "Alien" was modeled after this guy!


Can anyone ID the red-eye amphipods in the first video?


On the video it does say Bali Tulamben. Searching through dive pics of Bali, I found this.(Cyproidea amphipod)http://www.seaslugforum.net/display.cfm?id=18904


Either one or these would be interesting to keep.


Anyway... (backtotopic) I would also like to see one of those gobies, but I'm sure it would come with a high price!

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