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  1. Submersible water quality monitor for sump tanks with digital LED display
  2. Yea. It was at fish feeding time come to think of it. Thank you.
  3. So I've noticed over the last few days the mini brittle stars (hitchhikers) are coming out more often during the day. Is this common? I know they are usually nocturnal animals. Is my water going bad for them?
  4. Thank you! I'll do that.. so far no, nothing is reaching up. I do have a leather that won't fully extend polyps.
  5. Well I'm not sure what they were under before. This is the only light I've used on this tank. Nothing is bleaching, but seems to not be growing well either. I run them at 50% now.
  6. So I got an aqua light 30*3w LED picked it up used. I have it over my 20gal tall tank. How do I know if I need a defuser? Should I run the lights at 100%? Two lights are green two lights are red, 2 lights are UV, 12 lights are white and 12 lights are blue. I have soft coral in the tank at various heights. Thanks.
  7. With the swing for now, be sure no bubbles are on the arm.
  8. From a friend who is in the hobby Just started a tank up again after 15 years out of the hobby Originally, I did it on my own. I got a buddy into it after that. We both quit, he started back a few years ago and got me back into it Just a 20gal, for now ,. Some soft coral and one clown fish with cleaning crew Never thought of a dream fish Dream coral would be a brain coral I hope this was the right place to post this for newbies
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