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  1. @sroberts I tried to send you a PM, but apparently your inbox is full. You might want to purge some old messages.
  2. Yes, I’m fully aware of Interceptor as an effective treatment and the harm to shrimp & crabs. Because I’d need to tear apart my whole aquascape to get to my pistol shrimp, I decided long ago to just live with the red bugs. My corals have been doing fine with them for almost a year now, so I’m not concerned. Just annoyed at them photo bombing my macro shots.
  3. Here's the past 24 hours with the heater (in blue) and fan (in black) overlays:
  4. But I still have a lot of bug-free corals:
  5. Unfortunately I lost one pipefish in June to unknown causes, and the other one died in August after getting trapped in the overflow valve. After that I got a mandarin goby since I had plenty of pods with no predators, but the mandarin doesn't seem interested in the red bugs. To be honest, I think the pipefish fed primarily on other pods and rarely ate the red bugs.
  6. After nearly a year with red bugs, they still don't seem to be harming my corals at all, but they are ruining my macro photos. 😠
  7. I keep my tank at 78.0 +/- 0.3 degrees. I'm sure a lot of people will say that it's not necessary to keep the range so tight, but that's what I do. The Apex takes care of it for me, so I just let it do its job. I have two heaters in my sump for redundancy, and a 18" pedestal fan for cooling the tank if needed. My house thermostat is set to 72 during the day and 65 at night. I think my UV light running 24/7 might contribute a bit to heating the tank, but I really don't know how much.
  8. Sample sent. Looking forward to the next round of results! Just curious, approximately how many samples are in this batch?
  9. At least I currently have a tank. Who's jealous now??? 😎
  10. At least half of it was hidden underneath a mushroom, so when I pulled it I discovered it was much larger than it looked.
  11. Well, I didn’t burn it, but I did pull it out. I’ll keep my laser on standby in case it returns.
  12. Almost looks like you’re building a large diesel engine. Edit: You might also need a generator this size to run those lights!
  13. @danlu_gt, I'm curious what spectrum you use for photography. Can you share a screenshot of your light settings? Also, any update on implementing a way to switch the lights to pre-defined settings without needing to adjust each slider? That would make it way more convenient to change the spectrum quickly for photo sessions.
  14. Margaret, PNWMAS is a group of very nice reef aquarists and we have a thriving community here in our forums. While we welcome all members, new member postings require moderator approval, and we are not going to approve a post like yours simply asking for donations to your new tank without you at least putting in some effort to properly introduce yourself. Please tell us a bit about yourself, what type of tank you have, your reefing experience level, and what your goals are for your new tank.
  15. Is your Apex Fusion account configured for email/SMS notifications? In other words, have you received alarm notifications in the past? What shows up in the Alarm log? I see the yellow warning at the top left, so I'm assuming an alarm is on. (though it could just be a firmware update notification)
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