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  1. Neptune just announced their new Version 2 ATK. It includes newly designed optical sensors and a new PMUP. The optical sensors are now more resistant to water damage (though I've never had any optical sensor failures yet with the six running on my system for over a year), and the PMUP now features failsafes for running dry or overheating, and more quiet operation. No price increase. All the components are also available for purchase separately. I've had several PMUPs fail (but all covered under warranty), so I'm glad to hear of these improvements.
  2. I manually removed as much as I could, and took a toothbrush to the spots on the rock where it was growing. I'll see how long it takes to grow back. I also found a lot growing on the magnet bracket of my gyre. I swapped it out with my spare gyre for cleaning.
  3. Oh, that's right...I should have known better after getting that latest mystic sunset monti from you! 🤣
  4. Just curious...what is your return flow rate?
  5. Maybe if I cut down on feeding him nori he'll figure it out...
  6. SuncrestReef


    Lefty photo-bombed my macro mushroom shot:
  7. I have a new type of algae showing up on several rocks in my tank. It has a flat leaf or ribbon shape about 1/4" across. It comes off easily, but still leaves a small part stuck to the rock and grows right back quickly. Nothing in my tank seems interested in eating it. (Kole tang, emerald crabs, snails, etc.)Can anyone help ID it, and any recommendations to eradicate it?Here are my parameters:Temp = 78Salinity = 1.026pH = 8.0 - 8.4Alk = 8.2 dKHCal = 420 ppmMag = 1350 ppmNO3 = 4 ppmPO4 = 0.03 ppm
  8. @CrabbyCrabs Comments like yours have no place on these forums. I hope you were only joking, but even then, your comment was completely inappropriate and offensive. Reported.
  9. When I was a teenager and training to get my drivers license, I had to drive my mom’s 1976 AMC Pacer. Not something I’m proud of.
  10. Did you finally put your plumbing together? Just curious to see what you ended up doing.
  11. Looks like a lobophyllia to me.
  12. Sorry, I can't say for sure what my flow looks like because my refugium sits above my sump filter sock chamber, so that blocks my view. But from my return pipe flow meter, I can tell you it's flowing at 400 gph. You're welcome to borrow my endoscope if you like, or I could stop by with it sometime since you're close by.
  13. Yes, the Red Sea pipes are brittle and known to crack if you over-tighten the bulkhead connections. That’s another reason I don’t want to take mine apart.
  14. They are great fish! My wife named ours Hawkeye, after the MASH character, since it's a surgeon fish. 😂
  15. By the way, these endoscopes are really cheap, and very handy. It even comes with a hook, so if you lose your wedding ring down the plumbing, you can recover it. 🤣 https://www.amazon.com/Lcat-Inspection-Megapixels-Waterproof-Adjustable/dp/B07PRS2CCG
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