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  1. You could have bumped up the price since it was the photo contest award-winning coral!
  2. Here are the winners from our four photo contests: Smartphone photo categories: Contest #1 - Most likely to be a scene in a Pixar movie Winner: @CoralReefTankers - Supporting Member Prize: $25 gift certificate to the PNWMAS sponsor local fish store of your choice. Contest #2 - So ugly it's cute Winner: @CoralReefTankers - Supporting Member Prize: $25 gift certificate to the PNWMAS sponsor local fish store of your choice. DSLR photo categories: Contest #3 - Most detailed coral photo Winner: @Matteo - Member Prize: One year Individual Mem
  3. If you haven't voted yet, you have until midnight tonight.
  4. Any idea what caused the drop? Keep in mind the Trident readings are +/-0.05. With that in mind your hourly readings are probably pretty stable.
  5. If you haven't voted yet, you have until Sunday night. We currently have a couple if tied vote counts, so please vote to help break the ties!
  6. My wife's cousin just evacuated their family from Silverton yesterday. They are currently in a hotel but may come stay with us for a few days.
  7. Not after this disfigurement!
  8. Now I wish I would have used my macro lens or my microscope to get a better photo!
  9. I accidentally found a bristleworm when moving a rock in my tank.
  10. Voting is open through Sunday night. Winners will be announced Monday morning, 9/14/20.
  11. OK, I think the reason Fusion was down briefly is because Neptune just updated the Fusion back end software. It now supports Dark Mode. Reload your web browser page, or close and re-open your Fusion app. You can verify you're running the latest version by clicking the Release Note under your username menu. See: https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?29953-APEX-Fusion-Update-September-8-2020
  12. Yep. Mine is 22kW and runs on natural gas with auto transfer.
  13. Keep in mind the Heartbeat alarms are not instantaneous. It will send the first alarm after the Apex has been unreachable for 30-40 minutes. As the outage continues, the heartbeat alarms will decrease in frequency, so it can go for hours before the next alarm is sent. This is why I have my Apex and my Internet router connected to small UPS batteries to keep them online for a period of time after a power outage, and the Apex itself sends me an alert immediately that the power is off. I outlined this in my Apex Power Monitoring tutorial:
  14. Wait, am I correct when I looked up the conversion that your PO4 reading of 0.70 mg/L is actually 0.7008 ppm? I thought mine was high at 0.09 ppm.
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