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  1. My wife & I have shopped for freshwater fish many times at Wet Spot over the past several years. Keep in mind, she's only shopping for tiny fish since the tank at her office was previously 5 gallons, but now I upgraded her to a 10 gallon. Last week I took her to All Things Aquarium and she was pretty excited to see some fish she hadn't seen before. But again, the fish she bought were barely 3/4" long, so I'm not sure if we're comparing apples to apples when you say the selection is better at Wet Spot.
  2. SuncrestReef

    Top down

    That's trippy. Like a good impressionist painting!
  3. Looks good! Let me know if you have any Apex programming questions...that's sort of my thing around here. 😊
  4. I just picked up a new lobo from @CuttleFishandCoral, so I'm trying the ReeFi acclimation mode for the first time. I didn't have this capability on my old Radions controlled by Apex WXM. I set them to 50% and ramp back to normal over 7 days:
  5. Is it just me, or is @pdxmonkeyboy messing with him? He'd never do such a thing, would he? 🤣 (hint...he doesn't even have a tank right now)
  6. We have a lot in common. Before retiring after 30 years of IT, I did some work with the City of Portland, City of Corvallis, State of Oregon, and the US Dept of Energy.
  7. I'm considering getting a 3D printer since I've seen how handy they can be in the reefing hobby to create clips, clamps, brackets, tools, adapters, and many other miscellaneous parts. For those of you who already have 3D printers, can you recommend a decent entry-to-mid-level printer? Maybe somewhere in the $500 - $1000 price range? I primarily use a Mac, so that would be my preference for controlling the printer, but I can also use Windows if necessary. Thanks!
  8. Is that where you're storing all those bodies? 😳😬
  9. Bump again. Any new members care to share their work backgrounds?
  10. The fundamental operation is the same. There are a handful of new features and improvements: Per-output watts and amps monitoring on the EB832, including referencing those values in program code to control outputs All EB832 outputs are relay switched, so you don't have to worry if a low power device is attached on any ports which was a problem on older EB's Built-in 1Link and 24v accessory ports on the EB832 Built-in WiFi, though I still highly recommend using an Ethernet cable if you can since it will be much more reliable than any wireless network More features are directly accessible through Fusion so you don't need to access the Apex.local dashboard very often You can create single virtual outputs directly through Fusion rather than creating whole virtual EnergyBars The new Apex allows you to connect the Trident and EB832. Older Apex models don't support those modules. If you had a Display module and plan to get rid of it, be aware that the SndAlm and SndWrn outputs for audible alarms won't be heard unless you keep your Display module plugged into the new Apex. EmailAlm still works fine without the Display. I'd recommend saving your System Summary report as a PDF file to make it easier to copy & paste your programming. If you intend to keep both Apex units online at the same time, be sure to rename the old Apex hostname in the Network settings prior to connecting your new Apex to your network so there's no conflict in hostnames. Let me know if you have any specific questions or run into problems.
  11. Yes, these are excellent lights! Some lucky winner will discover that soon. 😊
  12. They have a decent selection of smaller saltwater fish, cleanup crew, but a very limited selection of corals. Mostly soft corals and a few LPS. Their tanks always look really dirty and I've never bought any saltwater livestock there. My wife usually gets her freshwater fish there, although I just took her to All Things Aquarium for the first time and she realized what a better selection they have.
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