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  1. SuncrestReef

    Skinning Wire Shelves

    How about using sheets of black acrylic and a hot glue gun? Can't get much more DIY than that. With hot glue you can easily work around irregular shapes and rounded corners by just building up layers of the glue before attaching the outer sheathing. Then you can finish it off with @pdxmonkeyboy's glitter idea. #teamwork.
  2. SuncrestReef

    PNWMAS website instability

    @TheClark, @Chief: For the past couple days I've had intermittent trouble accessing this site. Yesterday it reported "Error 500, too many connections". Just a minute ago today it said "Connection refused". These are server-side errors, not local browser issues. Any ideas what's going on? Just curious, Is this site on a shared hosting platform or a dedicated server?
  3. SuncrestReef

    Reefer XL 425 video tour

    Here's a video tour of my display tank, lighting, sump, plumbing, electronics, and mixing station.
  4. SuncrestReef

    August POTM Winner - Hitchhikers

    Wow...I've finally made the Big Time!!! I'll be signing autographs at the next monthly meeting. 😎
  5. SuncrestReef


    The electricians installed the automatic transfer switch and connected the generator today. (Before anyone comments about the window near the generator, that's my garage, not a living space, so it's perfectly acceptable to install the generator in this location. I posted these photos on a Facebook forum and several people argued with me that the generator needs to be moved. I explained the garage, and that the building inspector approved it, but they continued to argue until I just deleted the whole thread to end the attacks. Haters gonna hate...) They had to shut off power to my house for over 2 hours during this installation, but they provided a portable generator to keep my aquarium running the whole time. These guys from Bryant Power Services were great! Now I just need to wait for the final inspection and then I'm ready for winter storms.
  6. SuncrestReef


    It's not chaeto, but similar. I've been referring to it as green wire algae. It grows firmly attached to my rocks, it's very wiry and stiff, has very high tensile strength, and is noticeably thicker than chaeto. It's really difficult to pull it from the rocks. I'm hoping that once my kole tang graduates from QT it will graze on this algae. Here's a comparison photo:
  7. SuncrestReef


    I like to use a flashlight to see what critters are crawling around on the rocks at night. I just found this small (approx 3mm long) amphipod amongst some macro algae. Another good use for my macro lens. 🙂
  8. SuncrestReef

    Show me your mushrooms

    Replying to this older thread...
  9. SuncrestReef

    New here

    My Red Sea Coral Pro salt mixes up at alk of 9.7 dK and calcium at 420 ppm.
  10. SuncrestReef

    New here

    Are you manually dosing or using dosing pumps? What exactly are you dosing? What are your water parameters?
  11. SuncrestReef

    Kole Tang with HLLE - Lesson learned

    Two weeks ago I set up my first quarantine tank. Up until then, I had just added fish and corals directly into my display tank since it was brand new and I had little to lose if something went wrong. But I wanted to add a Kole Tang to help tackle my macro algae problems, so I figured I would go the QT route now that my tank is more established. I picked up a nice Kole Tang, but within the first couple days I noticed large white bumps forming on its head and sides. I wasn't sure what it was and suspected possibly ich or lymphocystis. I started treating with PraziPro and within a couple days the white bumps were gone but it left behind scar tissue. Closer examination revealed missing flesh or divots. I finally figured out this was likely HLLE. As I researched HLLE, I learned that it can be caused by activated carbon. I didn't realize that the Tetra hang-on-back filter pump I placed on my quarantine tank used activated carbon in their filters. Tetra calls it "Stay Clean Technology", but nowhere in their documentation does it describe this is actually activated carbon inside the filter pads. Instead I learned this from 3rd party reviews. I removed the carbon filter cartridge and replaced it with clean filter pads. Hopefully the HLLE won't progress any more, but the damage is done. I'm just kicking myself for not more carefully researching this Tetra filter before putting it into use. Lesson learned. 😞
  12. SuncrestReef

    New here

    Welcome! Nice tank. I joined about 4 months ago and have received some great advice and encouragement in the forums. It's a great community!
  13. SuncrestReef

    how is salt water salt made?

    Sea water is pumped into shallow shallow evaporation ponds. As the water evaporates, it leaves a layer of salt that is scraped up and processed for packaging, then the ponds are refilled. It's a lot like the Great Salt Lake in UT. I think Red Sea has a video that shows the process.
  14. SuncrestReef

    Feeding plate coral

    Ha! I have nightmares of accidentally getting my fingers too close and the tentacles pulling me into that mouth! 😳
  15. SuncrestReef

    Feeding plate coral

    Here's a time lapse video of feeding my plate coral. I swear it looks like it's smiling after eating. 🙂