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  1. Have you sent a sample of your RO/DI water for ICP analysis?
  2. That's interesting. I have two XR30 Pro's with diffusers that I run the AB+ spectrum at 80%, but I get ~400 PAR at the top, ~300 mid tank, and ~200 on the sand bed. Here are some of my PAR readings:
  3. I have two leptos under 210 PAR and they seem to be doing well.
  4. Just wait until you retire...You'll be on here posting random nerdy things 50 times per day too!!! 😂
  5. I've been keeping a spreadsheet of every coral I purchase. It's interesting to see how many came from @CuttleFishandCoral: And a shout out to @Gil&Fin for being the runner up!
  6. Since I recently helped someone else here set this up, I can just paste in the instructions for everyone: Purchase this Apex 12V auxiliary power adapter: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/12v-power-supply-neptune-systems.html Plug your Apex Energy Bar into your UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery backup. Plug the new 12V power adapter into a regular wall power outlet and connect it to the Apex auxiliary power port. In Apex Fusion, click the Apex menu, then click Misc near the bottom of the menu Under the Power section, set Monitor to Enabled, then save the settings to your Apex. Once these steps are done, you can configure various outlets on your Energy Bar to react when your house power goes out. Here are some examples: Turn off return pump: Fallback ON Set ON If Power Apex Off 000 Then OFF Turn off heater: Fallback OFF If Tmp < 78.0 Then ON If Tmp > 78.0 Then OFF If Power Apex Off 000 Then OFF Turn on air pump: Fallback OFF Set OFF If Power Apex Off 000 Then ON In general, you should only run the bare minimum devices on battery power. Heaters, lights, and anything with powerful motors (like return pumps or skimmers) will drain the battery quickly, so they should be turned off. If you want the Apex to send you alerts when the power is out, you will also need your Internet router connected to a battery backup. In your Apex alert programming, add this as the final condition so it doesn't get overridden by any other alert conditions: If Power Apex Off 000 Then ON
  7. All you need is a $16 auxiliary power adapter: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/12v-power-supply-neptune-systems.html You plug this adapter into a regular wall power outlet and attach it to the Apex head unit. Then you plug your EnergyBar into the battery backup. You can then program each outlet how to behave when the auxiliary power adapter loses power.
  8. I use a traditional UPS battery backup and have my Apex configured for power monitoring so it can selectively turn off specific outlets when the power is out. This provides a lot more flexibility than the EcoTech or Icecap batteries since you can power any type of device on battery. It's great to have the Apex send an alert so I know the power is out even when I'm not home. (obviously you need your Internet router on battery power as well for the alerts to be sent)
  9. After a bit of research, I'm starting to thing these may be some form of tunicates.
  10. I have several of these small brownish growths in shaded areas of my rocks, each about 1/4" diameter. Could these be some sort of sponge, or something else? I took these photos after lights out using a flashlight and my macro lens:
  11. My UV is in line with my return pipe. I only use the valves to turn off flow to the UV for maintenance and open a bypass valve so the return pump still supplies the tank. I have a flow meter on the return pipe past the UV so it always reports the flow whether going through UV or bypassed. So basically my UV flow rate is controlled by my return pump speed.
  12. And if you want to see a few different views of the final product, take a look at this post from my R2R build thread: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/suncrestreefs-red-sea-reefer-xl-425-build.358990/page-3#post-4558220
  13. Absolutely. I target feed my corals twice per week, and I doubt they're getting much food in between.
  14. I'm not sure of the difference between the model I posted and the one at Marine Depot. AquaUV has a pretty wide range of products. Going 3/4" shouldn't be an issue. I originally posted the 2" model since the Emperor you initially posted was 1.5" plumbing. One thing to be aware of though is the recommended flow rates. A lot of people say the flow should be very low, but the longer the water is exposed the higher the radiation will be and it can kill things you might not want to kill. See this sizing chart from AquaUV's documentation, and read the footnotes below the chart:
  15. Sounds good. I'll be at the CNC Cinco de Mayo party. I'll try not to drip salsa on your drawings, but no guarantee. 🌮🤣
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