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  1. This one? It's a WWC Yellow Tips. Growing like a weed!
  2. I turned on the lights at night for this shot, so all the fish are sleeping and some of the LPS corals are retracted.
  3. I like the 2" thick tree core on the left in the photo. Will that be part of your aquarium build?
  4. So what is the process each member should follow to see if their membership is current, or if they are overdue to subscribe?
  5. Sorry for your loss. I'm glad I keep a mesh cover on my tank. Last week I heard a big splash and it was one of my fish trying to jump but the lid kept it inside. No idea why they decide to jump, but glad the lid prevented it.
  6. Good looking setup, and nice rock work! Any equipment under the stand, or is it truly an "all in one"?
  7. Stay tuned for CSI: Reef Tank
  8. Someone needs to invent RFID locator tags for fish so we can scan a tank or room to find them in these situations. 😥
  9. I was worried last year when my kole tang disappeared, but it magically appeared a couple days later. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...
  10. SuncrestReef

    New fish

    Thanks to @Mandinga for the new fish!
  11. Wow, one hour pumping citric acid and it’s sparkly clean again!
  12. Flushing it with citric acid seems to be working well so far. This is after only 5 minutes:
  13. Well, I hate to take you up on that offer since @pdxmonkeyboy challenged my manhood for not owning an air compressor (though I did own a large compressor in the past when I had a full 2-car-garage-sized woodshop with several air powered tools), but if you don't mind I'd appreciate it. 🤓
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