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  1. What if you add another virtual output that starts a 2 hour timer once ALK_HIGH turns On, and once the 2 hour countdown completes it turns ALK_HIGH off? Example: [ALK_HIGH] Set OFF If Alkx2 > 8.53 Then ON If Output ALK_TIMER = ON Then OFF [ALK_TIMER] Set OFF If Output ALK_HIGH = ON Then ON Defer 120:00 Then ON Min Time 120:00 Then ON Note, you don't need Fallback OFF on your virtual outputs because Fallback only applies to physical outputs.
  2. Sure that's not just crumbs from Jorge's lunches building up? He's eating every time I see him in the shop. 🤣
  3. How many years of buildup do you guess that is?
  4. I thought my Radion XR30 Pro Gen4’s were really good lights, but I just didn’t like the side glare from them. I’m really surprised to see the Gen 5’s appear to be this bad. Poor manufacturing, unacceptable QA, buggy software, and cheap packaging. Either they rushed this product to market, had the project budget slashed, or the design team lost all its good people after Gen 4 was released. Just seems very odd to me.
  5. Wow! I just went out to my garage to make sure my mixing station wasn't stolen overnight!!! That's a perfect clone. Nice work.
  6. I'm guessing you probably saw my ReeFi review at R2R. I have to say, they are pretty [language filter] nice lights. I don't regret replacing my Radion G4 Pro's with ReeFi. But yes, they're spendy.
  7. No idea. Are you on YouTube from a computer or your phone? Since I only see people commenting in YouTube I doubt commenting here would guarantee winning a frag.
  8. I see people posting comments in the YouTube live feed:
  9. The YouTube link at the top of this thread did not work for me. I manually searched YouTube to find the live feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f2ShiHx6K0
  10. Oh No...Rudy has fallen into his corals and cannot get up! 🤣
  11. Looks great! Have the clowns found the nem yet? Mine took 10 months before finally figuring it out.
  12. Pease post some photos as I'd love to see these Duncan frags in their new homes!
  13. If they could stop tanks in WW II, they should be able to stop a drunk BMW driver. 🤣 For the record, they are called Czech hedgehogs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_hedgehog
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