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  1. SuncrestReef

    ? Bout radion RMS slide

    Here's a photo showing the cord tucked into the top rail and the plastic tabs holding it in place.
  2. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    I'm still working out the kinks on focus stacking, but I think this one really shows the potential for a fully-in-focus detailed coral image: (click the photo to view the full resolution version)
  3. SuncrestReef

    Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Have you looked at the sharing settings on your images? It's probably not allowing public access.
  4. SuncrestReef

    Holly's August Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Here are a few I picked up today. Thanks Holly! My wife says it looks like this one is flipping us off:
  5. SuncrestReef

    Holly's August Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    I'm glad I got there early. Things were going quickly! Holly, that large frag didn't break! I managed to get it home and out of the bag safely. Everything looks great! Thanks for doing this. 😊
  6. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    The only problem with focus stacking is dealing with movement. It works really well on SPS, but anything with longer polyps that sway in the current can be tricky. For this plate coral, I turned off all flow before taking the photos, but the coral still moved a bit in between the 8 shots I took. When stitched together, it takes on an illusion of motion, as seen at the tips of a few tentacles:
  7. SuncrestReef

    August Picture of the Month - Hitchhikers!

    Here's my entry: A feather duster worm I discovered on a small zoa colony I picked up at @CuttleFishandCoral. This is the largest one, at about 1/2" diameter. There are several other smaller ones about 1/8" each. I hope the smaller ones grow to be larger because they're pretty cool to watch flowing in the current.
  8. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    OK, and here is the first result of focus stacking 10 shots of a coral: It's pretty impressive how well this works. If you view the photo at full resolution it's amazing! (and since I'm using the free trial of the software, they limit the resolution, so it can be even better). Here's a snippet of one small section at full resolution: The biggest challenge is getting all 10 photos taken without any fish photo-bombing the scene! 🤣
  9. SuncrestReef

    Holly's August Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    What says Happy Birthday better than gifts of coral frags?!!!
  10. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    Well @albertareef, here's my first try with focus stacking, and I have to say it was amazingly easy using Helicon! I downloaded the free trial (30 days, only limitation is they don't allow full resolution), attached my camera via USB to my laptop, and had it shoot 10 photos from closest focus to furthest focus. Then just using the default settings, it stitched them all together in under 1 minute. Here's one of the individual shots: And here's the full rendered image comprised of 10 shots: I can't wait for my tank lights to come on so I can try it out with some coral shots!
  11. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    Wow, after some quick research on focus stacking I came across a product called Helicon that not only will stack the images, it can also programmatically control the camera to take the individual photos at different focus points. Check out their tutorial video: I used a similar product last year to automate my camera for the total solar eclipse so I got hundreds of hands-free photos during the event allowing me to enjoy the view with my naked eye. I love automation. 😎 This is going to be fun!!!
  12. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    Some macro photos could make your $10 frags look like huge $100 frags! Easy way to pay for a lens...😏💵💵💵
  13. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    @Gil&Fin Holly, when we first met at @CuttleFishandCoral and I mentioned taking macro photos, you said "Oh, you're one of those guys". Is this what you meant??? Ha! 😎
  14. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    I never knew my pistol shrimp had hairy claws:
  15. SuncrestReef

    New macro lens

    Here are a few more: (Note: These are scaled down. Click each photo to zoom in to 100%. It's amazing detail!)