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  1. SuncrestReef

    7th Annual Anniversary Sale!

    Me: "Jeff, how much for that master scoly?" Jeff: "Normally I'd charge one gallbladder, but for you, just a spleen." 🤣
  2. SuncrestReef

    7th Annual Anniversary Sale!

    What's the going rate for donating a kidney?
  3. SuncrestReef

    105g build

    What’s the latest update on this tank? Are you just waiting for it to cycle?
  4. SuncrestReef

    Buy Dr. Tims locally?

    Since the bacteria lives primarily on the rock and in sand, your 50 lbs of rock being transferred will eliminate the need for any extra bacteria. As long as the rock is moved quickly from tank to tank, you shouldn't see any signs of "cycling".
  5. SuncrestReef

    Disaster button stuck on repeat!

    The calcium carbonate can also precipitate if your 2-part liquids are dosed in close proximity or in low flow water. I use a small powerhead in my sump right below the dosing tubes so the liquids are rapidly dispersed before they have a chance to precipitate.
  6. SuncrestReef

    Buy Dr. Tims locally?

    I used Dr. Tim's ordered from Amazon back in April 2018. It was $25 for 8oz. I dosed ammonium chloride as prescribed and saw a nitrite spike as expected. However, over the next several weeks nitirite remained high and I didn't see any increase in nitrate. I later learned that my phosphates at zero was inhibiting the cycling process. I was running my GFO reactor at full force because Pukani rock is known to leech a lot of phosphate and I wanted to avoid algae outbreaks. After turning down the GFO reactor to allow phosphates to increase a bit, I suddenly saw an increase in nitrates and a decrease in nitrites. The cycling ended up taking 5 weeks for me, but I think it would have gone a lot faster if I wasn't sucking out all the phosphate while cycling. Just keep this in mind.
  7. SuncrestReef

    Is this cyano?

    Yes, I have a microscope! (see my recent post:) Too bad I didn’t keep a sample when I cleaned the coral yesterday. If it comes back, I’ll examine it and post microscope photos.
  8. SuncrestReef

    Is this cyano?

    It looks a lot better today after yesterday's cleaning. I also increased the flow so hopefully the cyano won't come back.
  9. SuncrestReef

    Aiptasia Laser

    Yes, it cooks vermitids in their tubes. I've also used it on bubble algae.
  10. SuncrestReef

    Buy Dr. Tims locally?

    If you can't find it locally, you can order it from Amazon with 2 day delivery or next day pickup with Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/DrTims-Aquatics-Nitrifying-Bacteria-Saltwater/dp/B002DVRHMS
  11. SuncrestReef

    Aiptasia Laser

    I found another aiptasia, this time in my refugium. Here's a video of killing it with the laser. It took a little time to get the laser focused, but at 0:28 you'll start to hear the aiptasia sizzling as the laser cooks it. Sorry for the red lighting, but that's from the chaeto grow light.
  12. SuncrestReef

    Is this cyano?

    No signs of it on the sand or anywhere else that I can see. Only on this particular frag. It's in a pretty low flow area. I managed to siphon it off using Julian's Thing. I'll keep an eye out if it returns or pops up elsewhere.
  13. SuncrestReef

    Is this cyano?

    Over the past couple days I've started to notice a brownish slime covering my Blue Summit Monti. I have not seen this anywhere else in my tank. Here are some detailed macro shots: It normally looks like this:
  14. SuncrestReef

    Looking for a few things

    I bought my 75 gallon water storage tanks at that place in Gresham. They have an amazing selection, every imaginable size and shape of containers.
  15. SuncrestReef

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    I just tried to send you a PM to coordinate, but it says you cannot receive messages. Any idea why???