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  1. Huntero1975

    FS: Misc Equipment

    Hey how many gallons is the ato tank?
  2. Huntero1975

    UV Bulb question

    also make sure you flow is low enough for the light size and tank size I run 100gph for my 18 watt uv If the flow is to high it wont work well.
  3. Huntero1975

    UV Sterilization

    I have run them on my reef tanks for years. I would agree with the water clarity. It makes the water uber clear so you can see threw the side and out the other with no color change when look out the other side. I do feel it does help keep algae under control but not as a main purpose. Just a slight bonus, If i remember correctly it does kill proteins in the water which is what feeds the algae. Dont hold me to that tho cause it was a long time ago i did my uv research. Flow rate is the most important part of making a uv light work at its most efficient levels. I have a 18watt uv light and use a 100gph pump for the flow.
  4. Huntero1975


    I am in need of rodi booster pump. Anyone have one?
  5. Huntero1975


    Nope but I will thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Huntero1975


    So I am going to try and build a controller, Looking for any tips or ideas It will have the following Temp control Water on floor sensor Dual ph prob one to monitor tank other to run cal reactor. Ato with optical sensor and pump controls for skimmer and return.
  7. Huntero1975

    WTB: HOB Overflow

    I have one as well, But am also in Albany. I pretty sure the fish/coral gods are tell you to come to Albany!!!
  8. Huntero1975

    Corals for sale

    Here are a few more corals that are included that I did not have pics for.
  9. Huntero1975

    Flame Hawk and 2 hybrd clowns

    I have not seen this guy eat any so far, and I am not an over feeder.
  10. Huntero1975

    Please vote! Mr. Saltwater Tank to speak about...

    does anyone know what time Mr Saltwater will be talking at the event?
  11. Huntero1975

    WTB Calcium Reactor

    looks like they did make a bigger one. but this one is a match for what I have, it comes with pump, and brand new unopen bag of media, and 3/4 bag of mag rocks to put in as well.
  12. Huntero1975

    WTB Calcium Reactor

    Knop, I am not 100% sure of the model, but i think they only made one model. Feature(s): for aquaria up to 200 gallons (800 l) constant calcium values above 420 mg/l constant carbonate values above 8° dKH moderate CO 2 consumption includes EHEIM pump internal circulation 1200 times per hour bubble counter included CO 2 safety valve included automatic release of false gas
  13. Huntero1975

    WTB Calcium Reactor

    I have small one that might be good up to a 100 gallons.. it comes with regulator and bottle and media.. I know your wondering how this is helping you? Its prob not.. Just another Albany person saying hi. But you are welcome to come see it if you wanted.
  14. Huntero1975


    Sold!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Huntero1975

    29 bio cube w/extras

    If you buy it I will throw in all 3 fish for free.