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  1. Here we go!

    Thanks! Haha, yeah we were especially happy to bring out beta home. We actually got him from Woody when he was about 3" long! We also got the maroon clown from Woody when he was about the size of a quarter. We just got a Gold Lightning Clown from Terry and looks like the clowns will be a mated pair soon!
  2. Reef controllers.. waste of money..?

    When I first got my Apex (2016 version) I was wondering if I wasted my money after getting everything setup initially. As I added modules and more functionality, my attitude quickly changed. The leak detection kit is awesome and I just recently got the PAR Monitoring Kit which I'm anxious to get setup here in the next day or two. More than anything the Apex has helped with consistency and stability in my tank. Anyone have suggestions for adding an IP camera to the Apex?
  3. Here we go!

    My Wife and I have been in this hobby/obsession for a little over 10 years now and we're looking forward to meeting more members of the community. We're just getting our 90 gallon tank back up and running after being forced to temporarily tear down our tank and move away from our house due to a major water leak (thankfully not aquarium related). Our 90 gallon tank is cycled and fish were dropped back in a few days ago. A BIG shout out to Seahorse Aquarium Supply for temporarily watching our fish while our house was being repaired! We have a 10 year old Maroon Clownfish and 11 year old Marine Beta that we are happy to have back home. Looking forward to getting some corals in the near future...gradually though of course