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  1. theDSBlack

    FS: vectra l1, trigger emerald 39 sump

    Nice! I wish I had space in my stand for it.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for T5 retrofit parts for a 48" fixture I'm building. I mainly need waterproof endcaps as well as 48" reflectors.
  3. Hi, I'm setting up a new tank and was wondering if anyone has some spare 1 inch unions and True Union Ball Valves to sell. Thanks!
  4. theDSBlack

    WTB Cube Aquarium

    Hi, I'm looking for a cube tank but I'm flexible on the size. I need something that is at least 24"x24" but nothing bigger than 36"x36". Preferably the tank is already drilled with an overflow. Thanks!
  5. theDSBlack

    WTB dragon breath algae

    Looking to buy some dragon breath algae. Please let me know if you have some. I'm in the Hillsboro area. Thanks
  6. theDSBlack

    Need Help With Zoa Id - Green & Gold Zoa

    They look similar to the kiwi crush but there is no brown/purple in the circle of the ZOA. The center pattern is the same.
  7. Trying to figure out what Zoa's I have. I've had this for several years but I can't id this guy no matter how many websites I look at. The center is like a bright gold color with Green rim and then dark green with bright green lashes/tentacles. In the photo the center looks more green-ish but it's really more gold colored. I appreciate your help!
  8. Here's my update. I started with 4 heads and now I'm up to 5.
  9. I have a 4 head frag of JF Rainbow Incinerator that I'm look to sell $30 per head = $120 or best offer . I'm also open to trades for coral.
  10. theDSBlack

    Free hammer

    I live in hillsboro I can pick it up tonight.
  11. theDSBlack

    Bunch of bleached dry rock

    I'll take it! I'll send you a DM here shortly.
  12. theDSBlack

    Sro 3000 5000

    I'm interested in your skimmer, I'll send you a DM.
  13. theDSBlack

    Building stands!!

    My wife and I built our stand and she had a brilliant idea about using heavy duty sliders for the doors to slide open. We can easily take off the doors and it’s super simple and clean. The video I was trying to upload was too big but the doors slide super smooth.
  14. Here's my 2nd update. I'm holding steady at the 4 heads I started with.