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  1. theDSBlack

    Building stands!!

    My wife and I built our stand and she had a brilliant idea about using heavy duty sliders for the doors to slide open. We can easily take off the doors and it’s super simple and clean. The video I was trying to upload was too big but the doors slide super smooth.
  2. Here's my 2nd update. I'm holding steady at the 4 heads I started with.
  3. theDSBlack

    Neptune Apex... I HATE you

    Krux, here's what I set to stop water level alarms during and immediately after feed mode. I set my skimmer to turn back on 1min after feed mode so by the time the 1min 30 sec is up the water level is back to normal but you can tweak that line based on your system/skimmer size. This has really saved my sanity. Email Alarm If FeedA 050 Then OFF Defer 001:30 Then ON Skimmer If FeedA 050 Then OFF Defer 001:00 Then ON
  4. theDSBlack

    The Sell Off - The Meat & Potatoes

    Are you still parting out your tank? I'm interested in the stuff below. Aquamaxx EM300 Skimmer Maxspect Gyre XF-250 Ice Cap Gyre Apex
  5. theDSBlack

    Neptune Apex... I HATE you

    I was about to file a restraining order against my Apex then finally one day I got sick of the harassment enough to spend several hours tweaking the settings. We're now back on speaking terms lol.
  6. theDSBlack

    Goodies from Seahorse

    Can't say enough about this place! They really are amazing people! Last year I had a water leak in my house and had to take my tank down. They watched my coral and fish while my house was getting fixed. They have an amazing selection and they are always so helpful.
  7. theDSBlack

    Red Sea Reefer 750XXL build with remote sump

    Wow, nice job on the baffles and hard plumbing. I'm still trying to convince my wife that we need a remote sump...I'll wear her down eventually.
  8. theDSBlack

    My acro collection

    Nice shot, the detail in the polyps looks awesome.
  9. theDSBlack


    Now that's what i call a hitchhiker.
  10. theDSBlack

    Get your pom poms out

    haha, that's cool.
  11. theDSBlack

    Learning how to be a pro photographer in 1 hour...

    Just a suggestion, if you're not already shooting in RAW then I'd definitely suggest it. I do photo work for a living and shooting in RAW is hands down one of the easiest ways of improving your finished photo. Nowadays you can get editing software either dirt cheap or free that will support RAW/DNG file formats. When you do your post editing, RAW images have about 4x-5x as much data built into the file so if your shot is a little under or over exposed you can make the adjustment. It also allows you to do your white balance after the fact as well, but I'd always suggest trying to dial in your white balance as much as possible while you're shooting. Personally I use Adobe Lightroom for most of my quick editing and it's amazing how much you can manipulate a RAW photo (even ones that seem unusable).
  12. theDSBlack

    Tricolor spa from Higher Thinking

    Love the color combo on those!
  13. theDSBlack


    Love the close-up macro shots.
  14. theDSBlack

    April Picture of the Month - Clownfish

    Wow, that's awesome!
  15. This is a great resource. Thank you