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    WTB Red Dragons Breathe Macroalgae

    I know I did lol, Love his vids
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    CNC Auction 4

  3. Reefer Ryan

    CNC Auction 2

  4. Reefer Ryan

    The dangers we face are finally made known

    This might give you some insight, but I personally have no idea https://reefbuilders.com/2018/03/13/palytoxin-nearly-killed-my-family-and-pets/
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    CNC Auction 6 Rainbows in Spain

  6. Reefer Ryan

    TFT Auction: CNC Ultra Rock Flower Anemone!

    60 This is Fun!
  7. Reefer Ryan

    TFT Auction: CNC Ultra Rock Flower Anemone!

    Haha $50
  8. Reefer Ryan

    TFT Auction: CNC Ultra Rock Flower Anemone!

    30 🤤
  9. Reefer Ryan

    Red Sea Reefer 350 build

    Congrats 👍 I really like the Red Sea Reefer tank series and hope to get one myself, someday. I think getting a second Kessil is a great idea. Following +1 For bare bottom tanks
  10. Reefer Ryan

    fish bite or disease??

    Same thing happened to me a while back when I picked up some Green Chromis. Bought 7 bright green ones, 4 got dark purple spots and died in a day or too. I didn’t see any fighting but that’s what I suspect
  11. Reefer Ryan

    Help sick fish

    I have used Ruby Reef products, Prazi, and Microbe-lift Herbtana. No coral deaths for me but IMO i wouldn't buy any of these products again as i have not had any success, but that's just me. I'm setting up a treatment tank and going to run copper, Petco is having there dollar per gallon sale right now if your looking for a cheap tank
  12. Reefer Ryan

    Thank You KenH

    Just wanted to give @KenH a BIG Thank you for the Lawnmower Blenny and Scopas Tang! He's beautiful! Thanks Ken
  13. Reefer Ryan

    We're back up!

    Thank You!
  14. Reefer Ryan

    Black marks on cleaner shrimp?

    Mine has the same black spots and has for months. I have no idea what it is, some sort of shimp disease i would think
  15. Reefer Ryan

    Best magnetic frag rack?

    After Checking out the Zen Reef link i second this, Looks Awesome!
  16. Reefer Ryan

    Best magnetic frag rack?

    Octo Aquatics, i have the 12x5 black. Love it, holds strong on 1/2in acrylic http://octoaquatics.com/octo-fracks/
  17. Reefer Ryan

    Dwarf cuttlefish tank

    They are so interesting to watch,
  18. Reefer Ryan

    How to unglue pvc

    Good to know!!! Will definitely be trying this
  19. #2 Forest fire Love that Gsp BTW
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    Reef humor

  21. Reefer Ryan

    Reef humor

  22. Reefer Ryan

    Coral Clippers

    I use a pair from amazon Rio Precision Coral Clipper