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  1. mrk13p

    WTB couple auto feeders

    If you don’t wanna buy, I have a couple I use when out of town. I can leave em out for you to borrow. I’m in Tigard.
  2. mrk13p

    Coral For Sell

  3. mrk13p

    Coral For Sell

    Frag me off a piece of that rainbow monti Chris! Definitely one of my favorite pieces in your tank. Gives me a reason to check ur new setup also lol.
  4. mrk13p

    50 Clean up Crew

    I’d do about 20 snails. Variety between trochus, astrea, nessarius.... about 8-10 red legged hermits, couple emerald crabs. Maybe an urchin..... that should be a good start
  5. mrk13p

    50.3 WaterBox build

    Looking good!
  6. I know they have vivid at all things aquarium but a bit of a drive for you
  7. mrk13p

    Prospective new tank build

    I think everyone’s cares chris! We need these waterbox reviews lol. I never seen one in person yet.
  8. mrk13p

    Prospective new tank build

    Long time no see Dr tavan! Sounds like big plans. Off the top of my head you might want to consider refugium dimensions on sumps for red seas if your gonna run triton. You need that 10% fuge. Unless swapping out sumps. I know the new waterbox ones have an adjustable panel or something. Also, why not just run a Neptune dos vs ghl since your running apex controller already? I know you would need to buy 2 dos’ but programming gonna be easier with the apex in the long run. Flow might be a prob with peninsula. Those new nero’s Look nice but i don’t know if it’ll get water to the other side of the tank. I think I’d just run that gyre instead. Or have it in addition. Anyways, that’s all I can think of from initially reading your list. Keep us updated!
  9. mrk13p

    Looking for woodworking help

    Ooooh gonna be tough with no center already. Hopefully someone with the right jig/ bit can help you.
  10. mrk13p

    Looking for woodworking help

    I used to build enclosures back in the day. When you say “upper hole” what do you mean? A port ?
  11. mrk13p

    Looking for woodworking help

    I have a router or jigsaw if you wanna borrow. if you never used a router before might be safer to use the jigsaw but wont be as clean. but your not gonna see the hole anyways
  12. mrk13p

    any fishermen here

    Tell me about it lol. I do stocked trout when I need to catch something and feel good about it 😬
  13. The housing itself..... pics of impeller also. New on bottom, old on top..... note the vent holes on the gen 2.
  14. mrk13p

    any fishermen here

    Thanks! I went out about 30 times by myself on the clack and sandy and Only got 1. Used a ML rod with 15 lb braid to a 8lb fluorocarbon leader. Got em with a single bead 😬. Only about 30” and 15lbs. After that accomplishment I now stick to rockfish/ lingcod on a boat 😝. I respect the guys with the patience for steelheading.
  15. Is it the gen 2 vectra with the upgraded housing? You can tell if housing is black