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  1. mrk13p

    Looking for woodworking help

    Ooooh gonna be tough with no center already. Hopefully someone with the right jig/ bit can help you.
  2. mrk13p

    Looking for woodworking help

    I used to build enclosures back in the day. When you say “upper hole” what do you mean? A port ?
  3. mrk13p

    Looking for woodworking help

    I have a router or jigsaw if you wanna borrow. if you never used a router before might be safer to use the jigsaw but wont be as clean. but your not gonna see the hole anyways
  4. mrk13p

    any fishermen here

    Tell me about it lol. I do stocked trout when I need to catch something and feel good about it 😬
  5. The housing itself..... pics of impeller also. New on bottom, old on top..... note the vent holes on the gen 2.
  6. mrk13p

    any fishermen here

    Thanks! I went out about 30 times by myself on the clack and sandy and Only got 1. Used a ML rod with 15 lb braid to a 8lb fluorocarbon leader. Got em with a single bead 😬. Only about 30” and 15lbs. After that accomplishment I now stick to rockfish/ lingcod on a boat 😝. I respect the guys with the patience for steelheading.
  7. Is it the gen 2 vectra with the upgraded housing? You can tell if housing is black
  8. mrk13p

    any fishermen here

    Thanks for the advice! I’m relatively new here but fish on and off all my life. I’ve only had luck here with spinning reels for steelhead. I do use baitcasters saltwater fishing but usually with heavy tackle. Caught a ton of rockfish and some nice sized lingcod on baitcasters. I feel with the finicky steelhead here, I get better luck with spinning reels and super light tackle . Steelhead is what I most fish for. I would greatly appreciate any advice from you for steelhead fishing with baitcasters in the PNW!! I never fished for bass also
  9. mrk13p

    any fishermen here

    Thanks though! That would’ve been perfect
  10. mrk13p

    any fishermen here

    Going to be jetty fishing for the first time at barview jetty this weekend. Im usually just fishing steelhead and trout so my gears too light. im looking if someone can be kind enough to lend me a rod i can use before i invest in one. Just to be sure i actually like the dangerous rocks lol. I can trade for a nice frag also. im guessing something in the 9' range. medium/ heavy.... A salmon rod could prolly even work with 25-30 lb test. Spinning reel preferred as i suck at baitcasters lol. Thanks in advance! Someones gonna want a free frag right?! Located in Tigard.
  11. mrk13p

    Free file fish.

    I just bought one yesterday too 😩😩
  12. mrk13p

    Shout out to Mrk13p

    Np ! Was a pleasure watching your beautiful tanks!
  13. mrk13p

    Spectrapure RODI

    Someone just posted they were searching for one. Look on the WTT/ buy page
  14. mrk13p

    ATO Stayed on last night

    which ato?
  15. mrk13p

    Meeting on August 25th!

    Hannah/ Milwaukee digital refractometers are super helpful!