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  1. Thanks everyone! Everything sold but all this stress caused my bounces to split 1 more time. So i have 1 more to a lucky buyer! come and get it! $50
  2. the shelfs about 9" across. its a cool shelf, thats why i dont want to break it. fascinations pending atm but i can put u next in line
  3. [language filter] u shouldve i was giving u a killer deal since you cleared all my euphyllia lol! but u prolly needed another bucket then. hows that chalice doing? take care of him he was one of my favorites.
  4. all responded i think. few things i missed. large fascination favia, large neon green lepto, and my lone foxface about 2.5 inches. ill update above. located in tigard Funny how people have different tastes in coral. One of my favs were that shelf rock with the maxi mini carpet and dragon soul favia. someone give him a good home lol.
  5. Moving up to Washington and not secure on housing yet so selling all coral. Sold about 50%, here’s what I have left all are obo. Uranium bounce mushrooms: $50/ each. Ranging about 1.5-2.5 inches across. Purchased from Cuttlefish. 7 sold, 1 available Rasta Zoas: about 30 polyps: $50 purchased from Kim Sold Blondie Zoas: about 30 polyps: $40 purchased from vivid Sold Gold torch : $50 purchased at the group by with rudy ( golden basket) Sold neon green trumpet about 25 heads: $20 sold Duncan about 10 heads: $20 sold shelf rock with a large dragon soul favia and maxi mini carpet: $50 Sold arch rock with 100+ Blondies, 20+ orange bam bams, 30+ pink Zoas and an unknown encrusting coral . $100 Sold large neon green maze : $30 Sold green pocilipora: size of a softball : $10 Sold med/ lrg neon green lepto: $10 upscales Sold large fascination favia: $20 upscales Sold sm/med foxface: $30 all things aquarium Sold other random small frags $5/ each
  6. Ultragem in burbank vivid in canoga rainbow in Van nuys unique corals in Van nuys that should keep you busy.
  7. If you don’t wanna buy, I have a couple I use when out of town. I can leave em out for you to borrow. I’m in Tigard.
  8. 😬😬👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
  9. Frag me off a piece of that rainbow monti Chris! Definitely one of my favorite pieces in your tank. Gives me a reason to check ur new setup also lol.
  10. I’d do about 20 snails. Variety between trochus, astrea, nessarius.... about 8-10 red legged hermits, couple emerald crabs. Maybe an urchin..... that should be a good start
  11. I know they have vivid at all things aquarium but a bit of a drive for you
  12. I think everyone’s cares chris! We need these waterbox reviews lol. I never seen one in person yet.
  13. Long time no see Dr tavan! Sounds like big plans. Off the top of my head you might want to consider refugium dimensions on sumps for red seas if your gonna run triton. You need that 10% fuge. Unless swapping out sumps. I know the new waterbox ones have an adjustable panel or something. Also, why not just run a Neptune dos vs ghl since your running apex controller already? I know you would need to buy 2 dos’ but programming gonna be easier with the apex in the long run. Flow might be a prob with peninsula. Those new nero’s Look nice but i don’t know if it’ll get water to the other side of the tank. I think I’d just run that gyre instead. Or have it in addition. Anyways, that’s all I can think of from initially reading your list. Keep us updated!
  14. Ooooh gonna be tough with no center already. Hopefully someone with the right jig/ bit can help you.
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