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  1. mrk13p

    My first torch...Too much flow or OK?

    Looks fine to me
  2. Just met trahelyk to pick up a couple things. Cool dude! A few gems for free that nobody snatched up. Flipper, tunze Care magnet, mj1200..... these are good things that should’ve even went fast for sale at a good price. Even better free! Wish he still had a tank I could’ve thrown a few thank you frags at.
  3. mrk13p

    Zoa packs up for grabs. $100 each

    Surprised no one jumping on these
  4. Can’t be more packed than when Ken shut down reef corner in his garage 😬😬
  5. mrk13p

    Uranium bounce split!

    Cool my uranium bounce is splitting into three 😬😬
  6. mrk13p

    Share the love (kinda)

    Haha ok I’m free all day. Lemme know what times good. I think you still have my number. We were gonna trade tanks earlier. Just text me. If not I’ll dm you
  7. mrk13p

    Share the love (kinda)

    SHARE the love! I need a temp tank since my tank cracked! Able to pick up tomorrow
  8. mrk13p

    Need a tank with overflow asap

    DIY overflow with PVC pipes to hold you over. I made one with scrap pvc I had laying around
  9. mrk13p

    Still good?

    Yeah my expired test kits read innacurately
  10. mrk13p


    Sorry to hear 😢😢 Prolly one thing died and u got an ammonia spike. In a 20, that would be my guess with so much livestock.
  11. mrk13p

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Happy bday brotha
  12. mrk13p

    Los Angeles fish stores

    This pic doesn’t do the 800 at vivid justice. I could literally stare at this tank all day . Wish I had pics of their floating aquascape
  13. mrk13p

    Los Angeles fish stores

    I’ll check em out. Just excited to check that 800 gallon reef at vivid and unique corals is one of the main westcoast triton retailers also. So I wanna check there systems out also.
  14. Visiting family back in Los Angeles tomorrow and stopping by vivid aquariums and unique corals. Any other “ must visits” you guys know of when I’m down there? When I lived there I was only doing freshwater so excited to check reef stores
  15. mrk13p

    Hair algae

    I know usually I have snails cleaning snails lol