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  1. Still interested! Will take either asap. Thanks!
  2. Interested in just the led strip if you'll sell it separately?
  3. Either is fine. Whichever is available soonest works for me. Thanks
  4. I paid my subscription so hoping I can get in line for the par meter? Excited to get involved with club meetings and events too Thanks Miles
  5. Hi, I've recently set up my cube and want to test par. Can I please be put on the list?
  6. I have two in 24" I've used on smaller tanks and it's a solid fixture. Pm sent
  7. Smiles


    Thanks guys! I moved from Pasadena. I will be sure to post some pics of my old set-up as soon as I have time. I want to check out cuttlefish, it looks really good but I'm off Monday Tuesday and I think they might be closed those days. I saw that cube in the classifieds, that's a lot of h20 lol, 240 cube is probably my dream tank, I'm not big on acrylic though.
  8. Smiles


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I recently moved to WA from SoCal. I've been in and out of the reef hobby for many years now. I broke down a 34g cube to relocate and now I'm looking to upgrade since I have more space. Hopefully I can find a nice second hand cube here on the forum. Hoping to get set-up soon and start the fun part of buying frags. I'd like to run two tanks a new larger cube with SPS and my 34g cube as a LPS tank. anyway, any help or advice would be much appreciated. I need to find a not so local LFS since I'm now in the country
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